I Hereby Declare This Blog… OPEN

For my first trick this evening, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Music of an electronic nature that I have been enjoying recently and is suitable to night time listening. I give to you:


Perfect music for night riding. Cherry, upbeat electronic music. Canada/2012


Only around for a limited amount of time, this song is off a themed album by Woob, and if I remember rightly, it’s going to be taken down in a few months time, so get your listen on. Based on some nightmarish video arcade urban legend, the album as a whole is a bit more cohesive to listen to, it clearly follows a narrative which is pretty good to listen to on headphones in the dark. UK/2015. I have now updated the link to a new remix of the track as the original is about to/has disappeared.


Lastly, a transporting spacey song with lots of little nuances to listen out for, and a rolling meditative tone underlying it all… Good to chill out and enjoy. UK/2014


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