Eliciting Inexplicable Resonances

Well here begins one of my patented perambulatory propositions™. I’m gonna ramble a little about how certain music seems to resonate with you on some kind of level (probably subconscious like all those mysterious responses). I have certain songs that inexplicably speak to me and no amount of scrutiny seems to reveal why. Case in point. Many years ago I absolutely binged this song:

Jakob – I Was Hidden (2003)

I kid you not, for a solid month I would wake up in the morning, put this on while I got ready for work, walk to work listening to it, work all day listening to it, walk home listening to it, listen to it until I went to bed, then have it on all night, then rinse and repeat. When I look back at that now, there’s a weird combination of pride at how obsessively I played it, and a horror at how obsessively I played it. What drove me to listen to it so much? I know there was one tiny little squeak sound of the guitar strings at 2:12, which I always listened out for, and a satisfying number of what I can only describe as “waves” of sound after that which I always enjoyed losing myself in. But beyond that there was nothing else to enthrall me, not even any lyrics to relate to.

Now with their new album, thankfully I haven’t found myself binging any song incessantly, but there is another one which I seem to resonate with again in some intangible way. Interestingly after identifying those “waves” of sound in I Was Hidden I think I’ve noticed a pattern in this new song with a similar feature. This is:

Jakob – Darkness (2014)

And lastly, just for a change of pace, sometime last year I found a song by Katatonia which started resonating with me. Maybe the common theme between all these songs, is that they are pervaded by a subtle melancholia. Maybe it’s that inner suppressed depressed person who really digs all this music. This song has lyrics at least, and to be honest it’s not the cheeriest so there’s more to grasp when listening to it. This is:

Katatonia – Sold Heart (2014)


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