Dropped The Ball(bearings)

Today’s post was actually written yesterday, as will tomorrow’s be written the day before yesterday, and then after that none of this makes any sense. I’ve got my mate visiting today, and another tomorrow so I thought I’d get the jump on these posts ahead of schedule. I know it’s a bit like cheating. I’m also laid up in bed with that damned cold/flu that’s going round so I figured I may as well try and be at least 5% productive. First time I’ve been sick in a year and half now, damnit, will have to reset the “Haven’t Been Sick Since…” clock.

Anyway today’s little number is an intriguing listen. Definitely a candidate for headphones. I remember the first time I heard it, it was incredibly distracting as it came on without warning. See if you can count how many things were dropped during the making of this song… This is a great album of songs made from recorded sounds, do yourself a favour and have a listen on headphones.

Yosi Horikawa – Starlings (2013)


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