Perfect Life

Well here’s a slightly melancholic number to round off the week. This song is inspired by a young woman named Joyce Carol Vincent who died in her flat, and sadly, it was 3 years before anyone found her. This song, Perfect Life, is from the perspective of a young woman who finds she has an older sister. She gets to know her over a few months and then the older sister just disappears. Steven Wilson says of the inspiration:

“Joyce Carol Vincent was a story about ten years ago in the UK in 2006. She was found dead in her North London flat. Her body had been there for three years undiscovered. That’s not the sort of thing you forget in a hurry. That story was kind of very shocking, but it was only when I saw the documentary about her called Dreams of a Life about three years ago. I began to understand a lot more about Joyce Carol Vincent, and that she was not as I had assumed. I think most people would assume she was a lonely little old lady. She was quite the opposite. She was a young, attractive and popular woman who potentially had many friends and family. It kind of made the story even more strange, even more shocking, but in a way, I could also understand how something like this could happen. I, myself, lived in London for 20 years and I never knew my next-door neighbors. I never knew what they did. I never knew their names. They didn’t know what I did for a living, and they didn’t know my name”.

I personally don’t find the video as powerful as the song itself, so be sure to listen to the song on its own as well.

Steven Wilson – Perfect Life

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