TKDJE Lives On… sort of

I’ve spent the last few years checking in regularly to see if The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble was going to release a new album on the sly after From The Stairwell. Alas the answer was a resounding (and whispery) nope (see that earlier post if you wish). But fear not! The founding member, Jason Kohnen, is still firmly motivated about producing more dark and jazzy music, albeit solo, and more electronic, which is frankly A-ok with me.

He goes by a new moniker, and has put out a few tracks over the past year. An EP with four EPic tracks, and a single track of gargantuan proportions. Well it’s an hour of music anyway. A live track which incorporates the EP as well as a host of unreleased material, which really bodes well for a full length album some time in the near future. There are some beautiful parts to this (a harpsichord maybe?), and as many layers as an onion once you sit down and give it the attention. Good for background or foreground music. Also did I mention you can get it for free via bandcamp, or you can donate if you’re feeling rich, so no reason not to get it. Here’s one for you Flan.

The Thing With Five Eyes – KOSMOS


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