On a Tooly Roll…

Damn it, I’m scraping the barrel here. I can’t find a better version of this song streaming anywhere, apart from some crappy looking lyric videos which I’d rather not inflict on you. Seems like we got ourselves another youtube video, woo boy! Anyway, I thought I’d follow on with the theme of Tool-esque music by including a song by 10 Years. While this song itself is not so reminiscent of Tool, when I first heard their album The Autumn Effect (2005), there were a lot of obvious comparisons which slapped me in the face (and apparently irked quite a few people). But I was ok with that. It’s now been 10 years (oh the irony!) since I listened to that album and their style has changed a bit. This is a bit more rocking. The vocals that suffuse this song are oddly satisfying and I really can’t put my finger on why. Any suggestions?

10 Years – Luna


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