I’m Baaaaaaaack

Hello hello, I’m finally back in the land of computers and music at my finger tips. It’s nice. Now I just have to get back into the routine of doing these posts (not to mention remembering how to!). So here goes…

Caspian – Arcs of Command (2015)

I can think of no song more befitting for blowing out the cobwebs and getting the ball rolling than this song by Caspian. I’m sorry to say they were a band that I’d known of for some years but never found the time to listen to, then of course upon listening to their latest album, I realised I’d made a huge mistake and had been missing out for all those years! Oh the regret! Their latest album Dust and Disquiet became my soundtrack while travelling around so it seemed appropriate to use a piece of that as a soundtrack for the first rough cut video of my travels in Iceland. The new album is excellent, go listen to it now.


Caspian – Gone In Bloom And Bough (2012)

To celebrate music, I’m putting up another one of their tracks from an earlier album, Waking Season. After realising my folly, I promptly started listening to their other albums and right now I can’t stop listening to this song. I kinda like it that they’re deliberately leaving the lyrics ambiguous and up for personal interpretation. This is a song happy to take it’s time doing what it wants. I respect that.


Caspian – Fire Made Flesh (2012)

Ok ok, One more, I can’t stop myself. This is the closing track on Waking Season, and it ramps up pretty damn well. Man I really dig that grungy guitar about midway through, then it starts layering up with the drumming and (to my ears anyway) it changes the whole flow of that guitar. Damn that’s satisfying!


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