The Pain Of Summers Loss?

Ladies and Gentlemen, for no reason whatsoever, I’m going to delve back in time several years and pull out a couple of old rockers. Despite the name, HURT actually manages to put out some pretty interesting and listenable music. There are two songs today and they require a bit of explaining, so please bear with me. It wasn’t till I started listening to Summers Lost today, the first song on Vol.2 (2007) that I remembered it supposedly flowed on from the last song on Vol.1 (2006), House Carpenter. You can hear the storm still playing in the background. Now I listen to it again, I’m less convinced, but I always like that kind of trivia. If you’re short on time, go for the Summers Lost song, even after 9 years I still really rate that song for the build up.

Speaking of trivia, at the end of House Carpenter, a woman says something like “I Love You So Much” and I remember a rumour (think it was in the liner notes actually) that if you reversed the audio, she said something like “Some Will See Nothing”. Again, not convinced, but I always like those rumours.

If for some reason the above playlist doesn’t work, there are links via the song titles up yonder. Also sorry about the youtubing, hard to find these elsewhere.



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