Owsey You, and Raise You…

Regrettably, it’s Monday yet again. And so begins the toil towards the end of yet another week, which brings us towards the end of yet another month, until eventually, we find ourselves ticking another year off the list. Apparently that’s the way life goes. Though I’m open to persuasion otherwise?

Anyway, today I offer unto you, a song by Owen who goes by the alias Owsey. He manages to pop out quite a bit of music, and has recently released a new album, To The Child Drifting Out At Sea, which I’ve been listening to today and have been rather enjoying. Lots of nice strings, electronic elements and some sweeping vocals all swirled into a rather nice collection of songs.

If you want to support the guy, you can check out his Indiegogo page and buy the album there. Or go to his bandcamp and check out his other stuff.

Owsey – I’ve Lost All Light In My Life


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