Adapting the Spectrum

Long ago, in a post far away, I mentioned the artist In The Branches. Frankly I’m a little confused here as his bandcamp lists the artist as The Adaptive while displaying In The Branches on the albums. Apparently he operates under several monikers (probably just to keep us on our toes), so I’m always a little unsure of which one I’m listening to.

Recently I happened to listen to an EP of his from 2014, Reinvent. Big mistake, as I’ve been humming snippets of it all weekend. And do you know how annoying it is trying to replicate a stuttery vocal sample? It’s the stuff of insanity! Don’t know what I mean? Well here, try this on for size:

The Adaptive – Sweet Desert Sun (2014)


And seeing as it’s Monday once again, and a public holiday here, I’m going to throw in another one of his for good measure. While the above song is almost dubsteppy in nature, this song is back up the other end of the spectrum. A dreamy, ambient song, which will lull you into a relaxative state of mind.

In The Branches – We Saw The World (The Adaptive Remix) (2015)


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