On A Dark Windless Night…

Here we go again, diving back into the past. This song (and the album) has a groovy, finger snapping, foot stamping upbeatness which hasn’t aged a day since it’s release way back in 2007. Here’s an exciting excerpt from a review, relevant then, relevant now. And nicely articulate…

‘The Stage Names’ takes place in an unmistakably modern world, where snowy televisions blast into cheap hotels the spectral images of soap stars endlessly betraying each other, where losers in late-night bars languish to the beat of their favorite songs, where broken-down actresses place their final cell calls from lonely mansions high in the hills. Riddled with characters real and fake, with true-life biography and brazenly fabricated autobiography, with the relics of high culture and the crumpled-up trash of low culture, ‘The Stage Names’ is a cinemascopic take on the meaning of entertainment. And, crucially, it entertains.

So go listen to the album now, or rather, listen to this song, then go listen to the album!

Okkervil River – Unless It’s Kicks


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