Mission Statement

Hello friend. This site has 2 main functions, it is a repository for songs to keep track of what I’m currently listening to, and also to remember what I used to listen to. Apparently with the sheer volume of music at our fingertips these days, it’s ridiculously easy to binge a song and then have it drop from your mind for months or, shockingly, years. This is my backup memory. If in the process of all this, you find new or old bands you didn’t know about, well that’s an excellent fringe benefit.

In so saying, today’s post features another band from years gone by, The Sound Of Animals Fighting. At the time, I was pretty engrossed by this album, though now it has a few memories attached to it which I’d rather not recall. Still it was a damn good album, pretty weird, and certainly varied. Try this song on for size.

The Sound Of Animals Fighting – I, The Swan

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