He Who Fears Death Can Not Enjoy Life

Ok, the new theme is going to be ‘anatomy-related’ songs, so let’s see how that goes. This one covers the skeleton. Weird thing happened while pondering which song to post, I happened to be reading a random website where they were interviewing the main guy from this band. I thought he looked familiar, then it clicked, aside from fronting this band, he does arty stuff. It turns out that the big, awkward and entirely impractical map I purchased at The Dead Gallery in Reykjavik and proceeded to haul around for 6 weeks (creating all sorts of problems in my pack), was made by this guy! And then I noticed the name of the band, and it all seemed too perfect not to post it today under this theme. So here it is. More Psychedelic/Occult Rock.

Dead Skeletons – Dead Mantra


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