A Final Anatomic Song

This marks the twelfth (now that’s a strange word) anatomy related tune which means I’ve been doing this theme for 3 months now. So I feel it’s time to quit while I’m ahead, go out with a swooping bang! My final anatomic item is pushing it perhaps but I’d like to throw it out there all the same. It is ‘The Soul‘.

Now this song is a bit of a mystery actually, I searched my library for the term ‘Soul’ and this song came up with the lyrics: “Lies hover ever around you, smearing your mind and soul”. But there aren’t any lyrics in the song, and I have no idea how it got tagged in the first place. Mysterious mysteries! Apparently the band plays Americana style music so this song becomes even more out of place as it’s definitely not got that vibe going. Stay tuned for next week’s new and exciting theme! Let’s sign off anatomy with:

The Pines – Lost Nation


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