So Much Binge

Why hello there, I’ve returned to populate your musical horizons! I know I said I’d ‘maybe’ take a week off, well as you might have noticed, it turned into two as I liked the idea of restarting with a new month. So here we are, October! I’m going to restart with a song off an album I’d posted from before, it’s a little bit like cheating but given how much I’ve been listening to it lately, well it deserves to go up. I recently went back and listened to TesseracT’s 2015 album Polaris and found this song which I hadn’t picked up on previously. And man, I’m both disappointed I hadn’t found it before, and glad that I have it to binge now. Phwam! Soooo welcome back and hopefully you find some songs you like as we move into the future…

TesseracT – Seven Names

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