Push It With A Homophone

Ok this may be too soon for the new theme, and I probably won’t do this again… but part of life is finding sneaky misdirections, soooooo for this weeks ‘Tide’ song I’m going to use a homophone. The song is Tied My Hands by Saron Gas. It’s been a long, long time since I listened to this. I found it right at the start of a spiral into depression as a young lad and I daresay it did not help my mental state. Pretty sure it doesn’t actually have anything to do with bondage haha. Saron Gas later went on to become Seether who you might have heard of…

Saron Gas – Tied My Hands

Also I just found out that these guys used ‘Saron’ as a homophone for ‘Sarin’, that’s a funny little coincidence.


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