Foley Horn

Hmmm, I seemed to drop off the radar again there. Oh well. Don’t think it really matters. Here’s something I’ve been spinning a few times lately. Reminds me once again of a heavier Hammock blended with a splash of old Glass Vaults (before they got all hippie and new age haha). These guys released a new EP just recently called The Black Moon, and an album last year which is really quite great called Death Spells. Check them all out.

Holy Fawn – Blood Pact

Not Bad At All

Here’s a new band for me, maybe for you too. Has a very familiar feel to the song, reminds me of a bit of that old school rock. Very decent opener for the new album Ebb and Flow. I dunno about you but I’m definitely gonna check out the full album.

Minora – The Void


Frankly I wasn’t expecting this. I’d heard about this band and their whole ‘shrouded in mystery’ thing. I honestly find it a bit gimmicky, and not really that original. Think Ghost. Apparently with these guys, the frontman channels lyrics or something from The God of Sleep(?)… ok. Anyway, I wasn’t really sold by the backstory, and I was anticipating something a bit heavier and more in the vein of technical metal. I was pleasantly surprised by this! In fact I’ve had a bit of a listen to the album and gotta say there are some really decent tracks on here. There seems to be a bit of a blend of Deftones and Bon Iver at times. So here’s the opening track from the album (which I recommend a listen to).

Sleep Token – The Night Does Not Belong To God

An Inspired Start

Today’s band Atmospheres is from Belgium, and have a couple of albums under the belt. Reach is the only album of theirs that I’ve listened to, and I have to say I really enjoyed this album. It has some very interesting tracks, being a relatively diverse blend of ambient, instrumental and rock. I’m happy that it seems to live up to the bands name. Case in point this track, though for something a little different, also check out their track Time II afterwards.

Atmospheres – Evolve

One Of My Favourite Bands

It may the fact that I’ve had a couple of beers, but if that is the catalyst to post again, so be it. This is one of my favourite bands of the past decade, and that’s saying something given that they only have an LP and a couple of EPs. I’m on tenterhooks waiting for their next album. Seriously. It’s kinda driving me crazy how long it’s taking. This is off their very first EP back in 2012, and to be honest, I gotta say I find the lyrics a little cheesy. But fuck me its got passion. The dude is baring it, and I respect that. It could well be the beer talking but I think one of the reasons I love music is that it lets me get in touch with my emotions. I always say to my SO that I’m a robot, and we laugh about it, but honestly I sometimes feel like that’s the only way I can be in this world without feeling crushed underneath it all. Music lets us share a weight, and lets us recognise that we are all feeling something even if we aren’t wearing it on our sleeves.

Everything In Slow Motion – Red

The Roads Are Paved

Not quite sure how I forgot to post yesterday… here’s this weeks highlight. It’s a pick from Crippled Black Phoenix‘s last album Great Escape. I really like the dark tone of this track, and whatever effect they’ve put over the vocals suits it so well. If anyone knows where the sample at the beginning is from, I’m all ears to know, I’m pretty sure it’s Christopher Lloyd from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Anyone else?

Crippled Black Phoenix – Las Diabolicas

What a Transition

I don’t really know this band that well, I’ve listened to an album of theirs once before and found a couple of tracks that I dug, but it seemed like a bit of a pick and mix band. Well in the last little while, they’ve dropped two tracks, both of which I’ve enjoyed. So here is one of those. Of Note: I find the rising inflection at the end of sentences to be surprisingly satisfying, keeps my attention I guess. I also like the electronic touch and that gradual build and punch which comes later in the song, reminds me a bit of ol Chester Bennington. This is:

Fight The Fade – Everything Is Fine?