It’s Gonna Burn

Boy I totally lost track of what day it was, but for a change this was in the better way, thought I was a day behind in my week, and now I’m one step closer to the weekend. Huzzah! This song popped up on my radar yesterday. Hands was the former band of the dude out of Everything In Slow Motion, easily one of my favourite artists of recent years. I think he started EISM after Hands disbanded, so it was a bit of a surprise to see a new song by them. Pretty melancholy, good for a downer mood haha.

Hands – New Earth


Real Classy…

Well I kinda like this song, it’s got a bit of a funereal dirgey sound to it, and positively oozes grim. As someone else mentioned, it sort of sounds like a blend of Pink Floyd and Ghost. Not much of a fan of the video although the smokey drummer is rather cool. Anyway another band to add to the basket of ‘Occult Rock’. Wooo!

Bloody Hammers – The Reaper Comes

Where Do I Sign?

For a band with a name like Doomsquad, you’d be forgiven for expecting an album to sound like this track. In fact from what I’ve listened to, the album is surprisingly upbeat and kinda chipper sounding. This song is the ‘doomiest’ I’ve noticed but don’t let it fool you into skipping over the album. Go on, check it out. This is off of the new album, Total Time.

Doomsquad – Collective Insanity

A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That

Here’s a band likely to draw comparisons to The Gathering and Lethe. Most likely from me, as this totally reminds me of a combination of those bands… and Johnny Hollow now I think of it. Sounds like an interesting album by a band described as combining elements of electronic, post rock, and ‘alt-goth’. Off to check it out. So here’s:

Midas Fall – Push

Where Art Thou?

Here’s some no frills, reliable alternative rock to round out the day. A new band for me and I must say, this song is enough to motivate me to check out the rest of the album, Endless Light. Definitely a bit of a Muse vibe to the vocals. Also a pretty cool album cover too.

O’Brother – Your Move

I’ve Had That Dream Before

I seem to be stuck in the land of youtube links at the moment. Many of the songs I post don’t seem to be up on bandcamp or soundcloud which is bugging me just a bit. So on that point, here’s another youtube link, though personally I don’t think the video is adding anything to the song. In fact it’s quite similar to one I posted a while back (The Lifter), though not as interesting… Anyway here’s some good old alternative rock, the dude’s voice reminds me just a bit of Dave Grohl and the guy from Saliva. Digging this song! Such a positive message… haha.

Trade Wind – I Hope I Don’t Wake Up