Oddball Jams

Hey it’s monday. So why not get your groove on to this sweet jazzy number. I feel like it’s been some time since I put any jazz up but this seems like a pretty worthy track to break the silence. DRKWAV is a 3 piece band hailing from… somewhere in America. They’re pretty coy about their location, so just listen to the music and be transported. You might like to note hints of Psychedelia in there as well for a fun time.


Something To ‘Tide’ You Over…

Oh yeah. I punned it. In compensation, here is this weeks ‘tide’ tune, a minimal old school number by Talk Talk. This is off the 1991 album Laughing Stock which generally makes for a pretty nice evening listen. Definitely worthy of a sipping wine and low light. Kinda gentle jazz. This song has the lyrics “And still to rise beyond the tide”. Tide…

Talk Talk – Taphead


Here’s a band I totally forgot about. A relaxing saunter of an album, featuring minimalist beats, piano notes, saxophone all wrapped up in jazzerific tunes. A good soundtrack for a glass of wine at night and some contemplation.

Trigg & Gusset – Desert Wind

Saxophone Holes

One of my life quests has been to find more music similar to TKDJE. This typically means that anything slightly dark in tone, with hints of saxophone is a solid contender. And so we have tonight’s entry. There is a sampler video first, and if you like what you hear, find the full length track below.

Erik Truffaz & Murcof – Warhole

An Appropriate Finale

Ok, I’ve satisfied my necessary quota of posts for the week, phew! This last one is purely for the giddy joy of posting. And I regret to inform you, will be of no surprise to you. This is a song I’ve always associated with the concept of “Journey”, and so what better song to have as a final send off. Even if you know the song well, have another listen with the sound up. Your ears will thank you.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – The MacGuffin

ps I’ve organised a small series of posts to go up over the next few weeks to make it feel like I’m still around and being productive, enjoy. So long for now.

Celebrating Nothing

To celebrate nothing in particular, today I’ll be recommending a song by a band that was in turn recommended to me. I was going to put something quite different on, but then when I sat down and put this on to listen to, well I figured it was definitely worth sharing. So here we are. Darkjazz. Yus! Get into those smooth jazz/feel good times!

Blackfilm – Interference

TKDJE Lives On… sort of

I’ve spent the last few years checking in regularly to see if The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble was going to release a new album on the sly after From The Stairwell. Alas the answer was a resounding (and whispery) nope (see that earlier post if you wish). But fear not! The founding member, Jason Kohnen, is still firmly motivated about producing more dark and jazzy music, albeit solo, and more electronic, which is frankly A-ok with me.

He goes by a new moniker, and has put out a few tracks over the past year. An EP with four EPic tracks, and a single track of gargantuan proportions. Well it’s an hour of music anyway. A live track which incorporates the EP as well as a host of unreleased material, which really bodes well for a full length album some time in the near future. There are some beautiful parts to this (a harpsichord maybe?), and as many layers as an onion once you sit down and give it the attention. Good for background or foreground music. Also did I mention you can get it for free via bandcamp, or you can donate if you’re feeling rich, so no reason not to get it. Here’s one for you Flan.

The Thing With Five Eyes – KOSMOS