Straight Down Into The Ground

Here is post number 2 for this week. So far so good. I’m actually having a little bit of trouble deciding which songs to post at the moment as I’ve accrued a reasonable selection since I stopped posting in 2017. Lucky for me! Anyways, this band takes its name from “Wolf-Alice,” a late-seventies short story by Angela Carter. Think of it as a blend of “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Through the Looking-Glass,” about a feral girl who is raised by wolves. Typically led by a female vocalist, this song is the odd one out on the album in that it has the drummer assume vocal duties. It’s a gentle little number (for the most part), and reminds me a little of Solomon Grey, probably due to some of those falsetto notes. I enjoy drifting away on it a little I must say.

Wolf Alice – Swallowtail

Grog Flavoured Pirate Mints

Here’s some interesting sonical stuff for ya. These guys are a psychedelic noise rock band from the UK and this song is off their 2016 album Lucky Beast. There’s definitely a bit of interesting stuff going on in there. Have an ear gander!

The Infinite Three – Like Moss

Collect Call Computer

Today we have a song from the Danish band Lowly‘s new album Heba. They’ve struck a pleasant balance of dreamy upbeat indie rock, which has a bit of a dark edge to its lyrics. Yay! This is reminding me somewhat of Warpaint‘s self titled album, while the vocals give me flashes of Edie Brickell. All things good.

Lowly – Deer Eyes

Gotta Watch The Credits Though

Boy I seem to be finding a bit of my old music lately. It’s kinda weird to listen to these songs and go back to old flats/jobs/friends who were there when I first listened to them. Here is this weeks “The End” themed song. Another bang up job by Cake, off their album Pressure Chief. Melancholy yet uplifting at the same time.

Cake – End Of The Movie

A Bit Like But Like

This song is giving me flashes of a whole bunch of different artists and it’s bugging the crap out of me, maybe a bit of a Nick Murphy crossed with Arthur Russell vibe? Yeh that’s pretty obscure… I don’t know James Vincent McMorrow but this is a pretty nice track I gotta say. Off his 2016 album, We Move.

James Vincent McMorrow – Rising Water

I Are Excited…

Here is something just a little bit different to signpost the middle of the week, for Wednesday is nearly gone. Yay! This is one to have on in the background and weird people out when they tune into the lyrics…

Future Of The Left – Singing Of The Bonesaws

Rooftops, Beer, & Real Groovy

When Planet Of Ice came out, it was a formative album in my growing music collection. I spent the whopping $30 and recklessly bought the CD, because hey, I was a freshly minted working man. It went on high rotation and will always be the sound of that summer in 2007. I never really got into any of their albums since then, but I think that’s on my shifting music taste. Which brings us to their upcoming album VOIDS and this, the single they’ve released from it.

Minus The Bear – Invisible