An Interlude For One

I’m disappointed that this song is only a minute in length, but it will sit nicely in my basket of “songs that don’t reflect the bands usual style”. I always enjoy putting these songs in mixes for people to confuse them when they listen to the rest of the album expecting more of the same. That’s right, I am a bastard. I believe these guys are typically classified as akin to Black Metal and the rest of the album, Starless, reflects this.

Ketzer – Silence And Sound


I Like Those Odds!

I have to say I do enjoy finding the black sheep song on albums. That odd one out which is usually experimental or pared back, maybe acoustic, maybe electronic… Case in point, today’s song is a floaty melodic number off an album of djenty metal tunes. I likes it! The name of the song refers to a particular kind of cloud so it seems befitting. And hey, it’s a circular tune!

I Built The Sky – Floccus

Something Epic This Way Comes

I hinted at something dark for tonight’s post. Well this song is a little dark, certainly a bit grim sounding, and ridiculously epic. It deserves your attention. I recommend really getting down to the nitty gritty with this and having a good ear bash. This is a song by Agalloch off their 2010 album Marrow Of The Spirit. I’ve been a fan of these guys for as long as I can remember, though sadly I don’t listen to them so much these days. They pull off a pretty damn unique sound so keep an open mind and approach with gusto!

Agalloch – Black Lake Nidstång

The Madness! (More So)

I think the less said about this song the better. Tosin Abasi who started the band, plays an 8 string guitar and it’s crazy, go have a squiz at some videos of him playing it. And hey, a new album coming out soon by these fellas!

Animals As Leaders – Arithmophobia

Hungary For… Apples?

This is a bit of an unusual track to me, sort of Classical style Instru-metal. I think it sounds better than that description mind you. Just the one Hungarian guy behind the music, and he seems pretty talented as he also does the artwork for his albums. This is off the 2014 album Wilderness, and he has a new one, Holocene, releasing very shortly. (Actually you can get all his albums for super cheap on bandcamp at the moment so snap that deal up).

Release The Long Ships – The Heart Of The Mountain

It Seems Only Fair

Having been thrashing this song for most of the day it seemed rude not to put it up here. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m gonna hammer this song to death and then never want to hear it again, but I can’t stop myself darn it! Curse my inability to not binge music! I’ve been patiently waiting for a new album from these guys since Phoenix came out back in 2013, now we finally get an EP (Laid Low), which is great, but about 5 songs too short. Some nice Alternative Rock to shake up your Tuesday.

Everything In Slow Motion – Bad Season

Typewriter Times

I’m happy to report that one of my favourite bands of the past years is due to unleash another album on the world. Keep an eye out late May for the release of The Fall of Hearts. Hooray! Here’s the new single:

Katatonia – Old Heart Falls