One Of My Favourite Bands

It may the fact that I’ve had a couple of beers, but if that is the catalyst to post again, so be it. This is one of my favourite bands of the past decade, and that’s saying something given that they only have an LP and a couple of EPs. I’m on tenterhooks waiting for their next album. Seriously. It’s kinda driving me crazy how long it’s taking. This is off their very first EP back in 2012, and to be honest, I gotta say I find the lyrics a little cheesy. But fuck me its got passion. The dude is baring it, and I respect that. It could well be the beer talking but I think one of the reasons I love music is that it lets me get in touch with my emotions. I always say to my SO that I’m a robot, and we laugh about it, but honestly I sometimes feel like that’s the only way I can be in this world without feeling crushed underneath it all. Music lets us share a weight, and lets us recognise that we are all feeling something even if we aren’t wearing it on our sleeves.

Everything In Slow Motion – Red

None Needed

Here’s a song from a band I know absolutely nothing about. But I really have enjoyed this song over the last few months. My music taste seems to have shifted towards the “Post Hardcore”/”Melodic Metalcore” spectrum over the past couple of years. As an educational aside, let’s just have a quick look at what characterises these 2 genres.

Post Hardcore: Has been around since the 1980’s and has enjoyed a certain revival over the past decade. Pilfering from Wikipedia, Music database AllMusic stated “these newer bands, termed post-hardcore, often found complex and dynamic ways of blowing off steam that generally went outside the strict hardcore realm of ‘loud fast rules’. Additionally, many of these bands’ vocalists were just as likely to deliver their lyrics with a whispered croon as they were a maniacal yelp.” Allmusic also claims that post-hardcore bands find creative ways to build and release tension rather than “airing their dirty laundry in short, sharp, frenetic bursts”.

Metalcore: Has also been around since the 1980’s, and like Post Hardcore, has its roots in Hardcore Punk. “Metalcore is noted for its use of breakdowns, which are slow, intense passages conducive to moshing. Other defining instrumentation includes heavy guitar riffs often utilizing percussive pedal tones and double bass drumming. Vocalists in the genre typically perform screaming, more popular bands often combine this with the use of standard singing, usually during the bridge or chorus of a song. However the death growl is also a popular technique within the genre.”

I find myself being rather picky about which bands fall within this cross section appeal to me. There’s a certain melodic clean vocal/scream combo which comes from the Post Hardcore, and when done right, is extremely satisfying when paired with the heaviness of Metalcore. Take this song for example.

Defences – In Eclipse

T1 24BIT Tube

Argh this video is hard to watch, being that it’s a great snapshot of 2000’s style metal music videos… Yikes. I do remember binging the crap out of this song, I was particularly taken by those harmonics (and they’re still cool). This is a mix bag band, made up of members from other bands who got together and made a song for the Roadrunner 25th Anniversary album. The vocalist is from Trivium and was the nominated ‘leader’ for his group, all at the age of about 20 I think. Not bad, not bad.

Roadrunner United – The End


Unfortunately I can’t seem to embed a link to the specific song that I’d like to from this album, so I’m going to have to just put direct link to it and let you do the clicking work. What I found entertaining is that the sample at the start is the same as that in a more recent song. So let’s have a comparison of style and wonder why they both sampled the same audio snippet. I chose the John Holowach song due to its relevance to “The End” theme, and then thought I’d throw the other one in for good measure. You can download John’s album for free at that site too btw. So firstly click on his name to go the link:

John Holowach – The End (2005)

And then:

Crown The Empire – Are You Coming With Me? (2016)

How Do You Sleep?

This is a band which has been with me off and on for the past ten years. Their earlier stuff was pretty varied, bit of pop punk/alternative rock with a splash of metal thrown in the mix. Over the years they seem to have gotten darker and heavier which is fine with me. Case in point, this song off their 2014 album Heavy Fruit, which definitely takes a turn for the brutal (sadly I think it gets a bit distorted on this stream).

He Is Legend – I Sleep Just Fine

Emperor Of Sand

He sounds like a cool guy. Actually this song sounds promising too, I haven’t really got into much of Mastodon‘s stuff over the past few years, but this song off their upcoming album definitely has a bit of a Crack The Skye vibe which I’m liking. I shall anticipate the new albums release with enthusiasm I think.

Mastodon – Sultan’s Curse

Tricksy Tunes

Man it’s not often I have to dig so hard to find a tune, apparently I’m treading obscure musical waters here. Fortunately I remembered spotify so let’s hope the link actually works for you. This is this weeks ‘tidal’ related song, thanks to the lyrics “it’s the motion of the tide”. It was with this band that I realised it never pays to completely discount an album or band. When I first heard it I couldn’t stand it. Quite a few years passed before I stumbled upon them again, gave the album (Metanoia) another listen, and realised that I’d made a huge mistake. It’s actually a pretty great album, full of spastic metal music, and catchy bloody tunes. It was then and there I vowed never to completely discount a musician. Tastes change.

The Human Abstract – Metanoia

Change Of Style

Last year In Flames dropped a new album, Battles. I’ve been a big fan of those guys over the years, but selectively. A song here and there, a splash of this album or that. Their latest album doesn’t really do it for me I’m sad to say, but at least this song caught my ear, and I’ll enjoy it for old times sake.

In Flames – Save Me

Jamais Vu

Crud, another one of those days where my brain has turned to sludge. So why not match that with some ‘sludgey’ metal? Good plan. Here’s another band that reminds me a bit of the (sadly fictional, sadly demised) Dethklok. They’ve dropped a new album consisting of five crushing songs. The first of which follows…

Khemmis – Above The Water

Slow Reversion

It’s been an interesting year for my music taste, it seems to have cycled back to include a bit more heavier stuff which I’d gradually been pulling away from for the past few years. And I’m kinda glad to see it, it’s a bit like seeing an old friend again. So here’s something with a bit more thunk to it. Wolves At The Gate have a new album out (Types And Shadows) and this is the opening song off it. Been enjoying the pace and tone of it, and the album itself seems pretty decent I gotta say.

Wolves At The Gate – Asleep