Well Sheeeeeeeeet

Much to my surprise, today marks my 260th post which means I’ve done the equivalent of 52 weeks worth! Wowsa! Considering I buggered off for about 2 months there not long after starting this roller-coaster, I’m happy to have finally hit this mark. As a special hooray, here’s a long live performance by a dude I found through the tv series Roadies (it receives mixed reviews but I found it pretty entertaining and recommend checking it out). This guy kills it on guitar. Pretty damn awesome. Got a real Jack White/Black Keys vibe going. Also, I may or may not have a brief hiatus for a week to stock up on some musical suggestions. Depending how the mood takes me… And thanks for listening/checking/following guys! Keep on rocking!

Reignwolf – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Bonus clip from Roadies.

The Keys To Australia

Here’s one to file away under Psychedelic Blues Occult Rock. I get a Black Keys vibe along with a hint of Ozzie Osbourne’s vocal style. And man something about that artwork really appeals to me. I like it!

Red Spektor – Pagan Queen

That Time Of The Week

Well, here it is, no doubt the highlight of your week… the random day that another Elephant themed tune gets posted. I know, I know, the excitement is palpable. Here’s a song by a band who are apparently going for a blend of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and sometimes The Beatles. This is the finale to the album which seems like a nice jaunt.

Lemon Sky – Ash And Bone

Troubling Times

I really struggled to pin down a description of this song. Something about the style of this band often reminds me of Pink Floyd, and this song is no exception. If you really want a prime example, and have the time, check out this song.

This song has got a real nice classic old rock style, and the tempo is seriously good for getting in the mood to partay (don’t be fooled by the lulls). AND it has a satisfying change in tempo, something I always appreciate.

Crippled Black Phoenix – Troublemaker