Happy Halloween!

To celebrate this festive occasion, here is one of the most unsettling songs I know. I remember the first time I found it, I’d drifted off to sleep with this album playing in the background. And then nightmares! I abruptly awoke in a cold sweat wondering what the bajeezus was going on while my mind grappled with the sounds and straight up unnerving noises which are this song. From the Donnie Darko Score. I hope you enjoy.

Michael Andrews – Ensurance Trap


He’s At It Again

Mr Arnalds is making yet more sweet tunes. This is the first single from Island Songs, his 7-week journey across Iceland where he’ll record a series of compositions. In this one he collaborates with poet and retired teacher Einar Georg. Off to a good start I feel.

Ólafur Arnalds – Árbakkinn feat. Einar Georg

Invoking Stompness

Phew, nearly forgot to put up today’s ditty. But here it is! Sneaking in like it was here along… I’ve put up a song by these guys before but it was quite different to this. This is very reminiscent of Stomp (the percussion group), which is a great achievement if you ask me.

Apparently they did a version of one of their albums with the musical assistance of an orchestra, and this is from that – The Napthaline Orchestra, 2012.

EZ3kiel – Lady Deathstrike