The Optimum

Given how I’m spending most of my days recently, either in a job hunting fugue, or an artistic wormhole, I’ve got my head down and my attention is being absorbed by the task at hand. I need some good focus music for this, and today I present a track from one of my new go-to albums. I’ve had some of their previous albums on spin for night walking and times of contemplation, being a blend of gentle piano notes and electronic percussions, this stuff is pretty damn well suited to this kind of thing. The band is called Tangent (not to be confused with Tangents or this Tangent, both from Australia strangely enough), and they are from the Netherlands where they are seemingly busy assembling soundscapes and sonic journeys for our fortunate ears, so break out those headphones! This is off of 2018’s highly recommended album Approaching Complexity, and I especially like the whispers of voice that you hear snatches of in this song.

Tangents – Awaken

Cornucopia Fax

I like learning something new. Today I learnt that the drummer from Bon Iver does some solo stuff under his moniker S. Carey. Trivia!  This is off his 2014 album Range Of Light.

S. Carey – Neverending Fountain

Mildly Somber

Grand tidings to you on this Tuesday of days. Where does the time go? I sometimes feel like I’m living in a vacuum which sucks all the time in. Every time I look, more seems to have disappeared. So here is a slow moving piano piece to combat this passage. From the 2013 album Weekendary.

Flica – Ideal

Fight The Fear In All Of Us

This is a collaborative tune composed and performed by Woodkid and Nils Frahm as part of an EP soundtrack for the short film ELLIS. It’s a gentle sweeping tune which is a perfect foil for the madness inside my brain right now.

Nils Frahm & Woodkid – Winter Morning I

Unusually So

While I sip on my coffee and wait for my brain to get into gear, I thought today I’d put my song up, which consists of electronic, piano and double bass. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the mad ‘mechatronic’ electronic notes against the fluid piano. It seems to balances industrial sound against organic, at least for the first part, then it sort of descends into chaos.

Wesseltoft, Schwarz, Berglund – Headbanger Polka

Super Recommendation

I’m surprised I haven’t posted anything from this album before. This is hands down, one of the best albums I’ve listened to on headphones (bonus points in the dark). There are so many intricacies and snippets of sounds throughout it, it’s great for just listening with one’s undivided attention or as a soundtrack for whatever creative project takes your fancy.

Exist Strategy – Unquiet Mind

Heck I’m gonna throw another song in there just for good measure – an ironically titled song…

Exist Strategy – One Too Many