Not Bad At All

Here’s a new band for me, maybe for you too. Has a very familiar feel to the song, reminds me of a bit of that old school rock. Very decent opener for the new album Ebb and Flow. I dunno about you but I’m definitely gonna check out the full album.

Minora – The Void

What a Transition

I don’t really know this band that well, I’ve listened to an album of theirs once before and found a couple of tracks that I dug, but it seemed like a bit of a pick and mix band. Well in the last little while, they’ve dropped two tracks, both of which I’ve enjoyed. So here is one of those. Of Note: I find the rising inflection at the end of sentences to be surprisingly satisfying, keeps my attention I guess. I also like the electronic touch and that gradual build and punch which comes later in the song, reminds me a bit of ol Chester Bennington. This is:

Fight The Fade – Everything Is Fine?

Once Every Few Months

While I personally can’t stand the comments of youtube videos, I also have some morbid fascination with reading some of the bile that people put on there. Can’t help myself apparently. It’s not often that I find a comment in youtube that makes me laugh, but the one on this song I found quite entertaining.

~Band starts playing~ “I wish that everyone I knew was dead” ~Band stops playing and gives him dirty looks~

I just like that. Great opening line for a song too =) total class.

Highly Suspect – Serotonia


Looks like these guys have a new album on the horizon, Poison The Parish. Boy sure takes me back hearing them, their songs (Fine Again and Driven Under in particular) from Disclaimer II, sure do take me all the way back to high school. Weird!

Seether – Let You Down

Well Sheeeeeeeeet

Much to my surprise, today marks my 260th post which means I’ve done the equivalent of 52 weeks worth! Wowsa! Considering I buggered off for about 2 months there not long after starting this roller-coaster, I’m happy to have finally hit this mark. As a special hooray, here’s a long live performance by a dude I found through the tv series Roadies (it receives mixed reviews but I found it pretty entertaining and recommend checking it out). This guy kills it on guitar. Pretty damn awesome. Got a real Jack White/Black Keys vibe going. Also, I may or may not have a brief hiatus for a week to stock up on some musical suggestions. Depending how the mood takes me… And thanks for listening/checking/following guys! Keep on rocking!

Reignwolf – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Bonus clip from Roadies.

This Is…

I’m not sure what’s up with the brain this week… Seem to be living in a foggy state. Words don’t come so easy… Welp, this song came on today during my motivational music shuffling, and boy it really has grown on me. Some grungy upbeat rock, it sure feels good for the soul. This is off the 2015 album, Two Hands. An enjoyable romp of a video too.

Turbowolf – Solid Gold

Gar Age/Glo Om Roc K

I must say I like the term gloom as a contender for a new genre, although I’m not sure that this song is quite gloomy enough for me to fall under that category, despite what the band says. Garage rock on the other hand seems pretty apt. Reminds me a bit of Earlimart and some very obscure old songs by Ash (of all bands). And hey, there’s like, ships, and seas, and grey skies on the album cover. That’s cool right?

Tombstones In Their Eyes – My Head Is Fighting Me

Rough and Roll

The weekend is in sight… Here to bring it into fruition, have some of this! It’s Red Fang, and here’s a pretty rough looking music video which makes driving into milk bottles, not to mention other random things, pretty darn entertaining. I like to think that’s actually how their video budget panned out.

Red Fang – Wires