Tricksy Tunes

Man it’s not often I have to dig so hard to find a tune, apparently I’m treading obscure musical waters here. Fortunately I remembered spotify so let’s hope the link actually works for you. This is this weeks ‘tidal’ related song, thanks to the lyrics “it’s the motion of the tide”. It was with this band that I realised it never pays to completely discount an album or band. When I first heard it I couldn’t stand it. Quite a few years passed before I stumbled upon them again, gave the album (Metanoia) another listen, and realised that I’d made a huge mistake. It’s actually a pretty great album, full of spastic metal music, and catchy bloody tunes. It was then and there I vowed never to completely discount a musician. Tastes change.

The Human Abstract – Metanoia

An Old Walking Tune

This song is probably one of the earliest tunes that I noticed effecting my walking pace. I could slap it on repeat, and arrive at places a whole 10 minutes ahead of schedule (wow!). I’d forgotten about it for, oh probably 6 years now, but today Staind shuffled their way onto my headphones and jogged my memory, so here we are. Still makes me want to walk.

Staind – Yesterday

Phantom L’s

I’m not scraping the bottom of the Elephant barrel yet, I think I’ve still got a few more tricks up my sleeve… so here’s this weeks random elephant related tune. Another song in the lo-fi styling. This is the solo project of one of the guys from the typically upbeat band Menomena.

Lackthereof – Doomed Elephants

Luring Atmospheres

Here is some more music which seems suited to darkness. This is going on my Night Walking playlist for certain. Echoing spaces, dripping pianos, and glitching ambiance. Not bad at all. This is off Subheim’s 2008 album, Approach.

Subheim – Ybe 76

Lo (fi) and Behold

I heard a rumour that these guys have a new album coming out, so that was a good prompt to plonk this song out there. There seems to be a bit of angst going on in the video, some pent up aggression being un-pent huh? It’s funny, I never bothered to look up what lo-fi was as a genre, but for some reason tagged a bunch of my music with it, including this, so I’m relieved to see I lucked out with that classification. Lo-fi music is “of a lower quality of sound recordings than the usual standard for modern music”. You learn something new everyday.

The Kills – Last Day Of Magic

Mission Statement

Hello friend. This site has 2 main functions, it is a repository for songs to keep track of what I’m currently listening to, and also to remember what I used to listen to. Apparently with the sheer volume of music at our fingertips these days, it’s ridiculously easy to binge a song and then have it drop from your mind for months or, shockingly, years. This is my backup memory. If in the process of all this, you find new or old bands you didn’t know about, well that’s an excellent fringe benefit.

In so saying, today’s post features another band from years gone by, The Sound Of Animals Fighting. At the time, I was pretty engrossed by this album, though now it has a few memories attached to it which I’d rather not recall. Still it was a damn good album, pretty weird, and certainly varied. Try this song on for size.

The Sound Of Animals Fighting – I, The Swan