Happy Charisma’s

A completely out of the blue Muse song for you today. This is a satisfyingly amping song for me. Makes me want to get drunk and be loud… though that might just be the beer talking. Hmmm… Anyway, MK Ultra is the name of this tune, and also happens to be the name of some secret CIA testing that happened from about 1950 onward for a few decades. They did lots of testing on people and some of it sounded pretty horrific. Though it is interesting to read about, and then put into the context of the song’s lyrics. Oh and a Happy Christmas to you!

Muse – MK Ultra

In A Round About Way

Mastodon‘s earlier albums never grabbed me particularly, not sure why, just the way it was, but then Crack The Skye came out and smacked me in the face. At the time I was still buying CD’s so I immediately went out and bought it. I think back in the day, when you bought a CD, you put a lot more attention into enjoying it and getting your moneys worth out of it, and man I thrashed that CD. The highlight for me was this epic track which I haven’t listened to in yonks, it’s nice to revisit an old friend. It is this weeks contender for circular themed album art, even though the circularness is buried by the old Czar and a bear.

Image result for mastodon crack the skye

Mastodon – The Last Baron

Ready, Set, Fight

Here’s a song from quite a ways back, by a mysterious (to me) band called Atlantis. I’d totally forgotten about them until a song randomly shuffled on today. I used to quite enjoy thrashing this back when, and this really only reinforces why I now have this place to put things up, for remembering purposes!

Atlantis – Mongoose vs. Cobra

Sigur Rós on Steroids

I’m plagiarizing someone’s comment on youtube for the title, but it seemed fitting. Apparently it just seems like a day for rehashing artists I’ve already posted before, the last couple days I’ve found myself thrashing this song, pretty much just for the tiny portion of punching beats at 5:37 (and the build up to that). Why does my brain pinpoint in on stuff like that? It’s weird. This is off of Caspian’s 2009 album Tertia.

Caspian – Ghosts Of The Garden City

Random trivia: The city of Beverly declared October 18 to be “Caspian Day” with an official notice from the city Mayor.

Similar But Not

I’ve mentioned these guys before in passing and having had a couple of their songs pop up on my music shuffling today, I found that sufficient motivation to do a post of one of their songs. This is the opening song off of their (sadly final) album Wavering Radiant. I always think of Isis as a more brutal Tool, and funnily enough Adam Jones (of Tool) was a guest artist on this album, contributing guitar on this song and keyboard on another. This is a great song to let wash over you and a good representation of what to expect from the frankly excellent album.

Isis – Hall Of The Dead

Slipping Standards

Geeze, twice in one week… here’s the missing post. This song turned up on pretty much the first music blog I started trawling way back in the day – Radiobutt. They used to put up some mighty fine tunes and when they finally canned the blog, a lot of people were distraught (maybe not actually, but I like to imagine so). This is one of those mighty fine tunes, for some reason I’ve woken up several times this week with this song in my head. Nicely done video, cool road trip though not for the best reasons.

Doves – Kingdom Of Rust


I think the less said the better here. Suffice to say that this is one crazy music video. Hats off to the guy who made this, it is damn impressive. I’m not sure how I missed it being around for the past 7 years.

Blockhead – The Music Scene