Sheep Howling At The Moon

Here’s something of a funky chilled out indie styled song. It’s got a laid backness to it which is pleasing, as is the drumming. I enjoy that also. Rumspringa are a Californian band who make some pretty cool music, this song is off their 2011 EP, Mosaic. Reminds me of a few bands I can’t put my finger on right now (and that really bugs me).

Rumspringa – Heartbeat Drum

Argh Such Pains!

First and foremost let me apologise about that image in the video below. Unfortunately this is the only link I can find for this version, though personally I find that ‘paint’ image very distracting. So do me a favour and listen without having the video visible. Anyway today I had a semi-revelation… having been thrashing/binging my way through numerous songs by these guys, and trawling back through their previous albums over the past few months (to my surprise), I realised I just can’t seem to stop listening to their stuff. And while the jury is still not quite unanimous, I’m starting to wonder if this qualifies them as my favourite band… Blimey! I’m selective about the songs I like, but when I like them, boy I like them. So here’s the instrumental version of the final track from their 2011 album One. Of particular enjoyment is that tiny section between 0:50 and 1:02, and that weird ‘clicky’ sound at about 3:32. Just, you know, so you can enjoy those bits too…

TesseracT – Eden (Instrumental version)

If you like it, check out the version with vocals too for a comparison.

Ticky Tack

Here is some electronic stuff. Which also has some ambient stuff in it. And some industrial stuff. In fact, it is a bunch of stuff. While I haven’t yet listened to the album, this first track is enough to have caught my attention. Fingers crossed it hits the mark. From the 2011 album, Night Gallery. This is…

Displacer – Phantom Limb

Oh The Catchy!

I must admit this tune seems to get a little inside ones brain. It is surprisingly catchy, the guys voice is a little on the unusual side but once you get used to it, there’s a lot of intriguing nuances and odd noises going on. Good for a listen on the old headphones.

When Saints Go Machine – Church And Law

He Who Fears Death Can Not Enjoy Life

Ok, the new theme is going to be ‘anatomy-related’ songs, so let’s see how that goes. This one covers the skeleton. Weird thing happened while pondering which song to post, I happened to be reading a random website where they were interviewing the main guy from this band. I thought he looked familiar, then it clicked, aside from fronting this band, he does arty stuff. It turns out that the big, awkward and entirely impractical map I purchased at The Dead Gallery in Reykjavik and proceeded to haul around for 6 weeks (creating all sorts of problems in my pack), was made by this guy! And then I noticed the name of the band, and it all seemed too perfect not to post it today under this theme. So here it is. More Psychedelic/Occult Rock.

Dead Skeletons – Dead Mantra


I’m sorry, I completely forgot to do an elephant related post last week. Just completely slipped my mind, and truth be told, now I stop and think about it, I think I’ve had enough of the elephant theme. It was fun, it made life interesting, but now for something else. Brighter pastures await… I think we’ll all miss the elephants, but that part of my life is behind me now. There I said it. Now turn your ear to this. This song (and the supremely excellent album The Hymn of a Broken Man) really helped me get through a break up some years back. It’s an excellent combination of somber, brutal, and optimistic. A side project of the lead guitarist from Killswitch Engage, Adam Dutkiewicz, and the former (now returned) vocalist, Jesse Leach. The riffing that kicks in at about 1:45 gets me every single time. Still.

Times Of Grace – Fall From Grace