One Of My Favourite Bands

It may the fact that I’ve had a couple of beers, but if that is the catalyst to post again, so be it. This is one of my favourite bands of the past decade, and that’s saying something given that they only have an LP and a couple of EPs. I’m on tenterhooks waiting for their next album. Seriously. It’s kinda driving me crazy how long it’s taking. This is off their very first EP back in 2012, and to be honest, I gotta say I find the lyrics a little cheesy. But fuck me its got passion. The dude is baring it, and I respect that. It could well be the beer talking but I think one of the reasons I love music is that it lets me get in touch with my emotions. I always say to my SO that I’m a robot, and we laugh about it, but honestly I sometimes feel like that’s the only way I can be in this world without feeling crushed underneath it all. Music lets us share a weight, and lets us recognise that we are all feeling something even if we aren’t wearing it on our sleeves.

Everything In Slow Motion – Red

Did I Say Routine?

Apparently I spoke too soon. Here’s a song by a 2 piece band from New Zealand. I believe it’s a side project of the guitarist from Jakob so it has various nuances that will bring them to mind, but it stands apart. It’s a different beasty, darker somehow… Anyway see what you think. This song brings Cypress Hill to mind which seems pretty random to me.

Mean – Cirella

The Mouse Boxer

Here’s a song from an album that came out waaaaaay back in 2012. This is The Helio Sequence, an Indie Rock duo whose drummer also plays in Modest Mouse. The vocals in this song really put in me in mind of The Boxer Rebellion. An easy listening tune for the ears. And hey it’s October!

The Helio Sequence – October

Well Sheeeeeeeeet

Much to my surprise, today marks my 260th post which means I’ve done the equivalent of 52 weeks worth! Wowsa! Considering I buggered off for about 2 months there not long after starting this roller-coaster, I’m happy to have finally hit this mark. As a special hooray, here’s a long live performance by a dude I found through the tv series Roadies (it receives mixed reviews but I found it pretty entertaining and recommend checking it out). This guy kills it on guitar. Pretty damn awesome. Got a real Jack White/Black Keys vibe going. Also, I may or may not have a brief hiatus for a week to stock up on some musical suggestions. Depending how the mood takes me… And thanks for listening/checking/following guys! Keep on rocking!

Reignwolf – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Bonus clip from Roadies.

Compositions For The End

Here’s a track off an album from a few years back, Opus At The End Of Everything. This is one of those albums I consider best listened to as a whole than as individual parts. This song is a pretty good reflection of the album as a whole so should give you an idea what to expect. A nice combination of electronic beats, thumpy instruments, intriguing little noises, and floating piano notes.

The Flashbulb – Terra Firma

Thanks Mr Robot

For bringing Petar Dundov to my attention. This is an epic absorbing track, put on your headphones and let it wash over you. I find myself consistently intrigued by the little ‘flickery’ notes that come and go during the last third. Off his 2012 album; Ideas From The Pond. 

Petar Dundov – Distant Shores