Straight Down Into The Ground

Here is post number 2 for this week. So far so good. I’m actually having a little bit of trouble deciding which songs to post at the moment as I’ve accrued a reasonable selection since I stopped posting in 2017. Lucky for me! Anyways, this band takes its name from “Wolf-Alice,” a late-seventies short story by Angela Carter. Think of it as a blend of “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Through the Looking-Glass,” about a feral girl who is raised by wolves. Typically led by a female vocalist, this song is the odd one out on the album in that it has the drummer assume vocal duties. It’s a gentle little number (for the most part), and reminds me a little of Solomon Grey, probably due to some of those falsetto notes. I enjoy drifting away on it a little I must say.

Wolf Alice – Swallowtail

Oddball Jams

Hey it’s monday. So why not get your groove on to this sweet jazzy number. I feel like it’s been some time since I put any jazz up but this seems like a pretty worthy track to break the silence. DRKWAV is a 3 piece band hailing from… somewhere in America. They’re pretty coy about their location, so just listen to the music and be transported. You might like to note hints of Psychedelia in there as well for a fun time.


In The Beginning…

I think today I will let someone else’s words do the talking…

With Saffronkeira, Eugenio Caria lives out his passion of being a researcher of the possibility of expression offered by currently available technology. Indeed, in his tracks he experiments a lot with electronics and unconventional elements, which sometimes seem meaningless at first sight, but uncover their significance only on a closer examination. Combining subtle and sometimes even almost invisible rhythms with textures of sound he confidently moves between minimalistic pieces and classic ambient tracks which should please both the analytic ears and the listeners who just want to dive into the music.

Saffronkeira – Epifonema (feat. Witxes)

Bustling With Familiarity

This dude shuffled up on a spotify list a while back and caught my attention, but it was only today that I remembered and followed up with a listen. Creating a blend of chill music which might bring to mind such artists as Moby, Röyksopp and Subheim (if he was cheerier sounding), it seems like a decent way to round off the week.

Emancipator – All In Here

Sifting Along

Well here’s a new artist for me – Made Of Oak. This electronic grooving song is off of 2015’s EP Penumbra, and it seems solid. Can’t argue with that purring beat. Though I do have a weird urge to hold hands with someone now haha. 

Made Of Oak – Pinebender


Think of The Prodigy. Now lose the vocals, add in a bit of funk, pivot to instrumental rock sound, forget about The Prodigy, and have a listen to this instead. Hahaha. Tiny Fingers is a pretty funky sounding instrumental band from Israel, and this song is off of 2015’s album The Fall, which sounds pretty solid if you happen to ask me.

Tiny Fingers – Deuteronomy