Sloppy Start to 2020

Well so far it is safe to say that I’ve been pretty abysmal at posting stuff. But hey, no body is making me do it, it’s all voluntary and if I don’t do it, the only person I disappoint is myself. And I can live with that. In any case, here’s a new song from Woob. He’s got a new album out (available on bandcamp for 90 days and then poof it’s gone!) which is a very satisfying blend of his Ultrascope album and some of his recent synthwave works. Dark, Electronic, Ambient, Dystopian, and Atmospheric, or as I like to put it “DEADA”. Well worth a listen, so get going while the going is good.

Woob – Entrance

An Aptly Titled Band Name

I am going to kick off this week with something a bit different. I would describe this as if Hammock decided to go metal. There is a real atmosphere to the songs, they’re moody, dense numbers, yet the music knows how to soar at times. The vocals might turn you off, but if you can look past them, then I’m sure you will find something to like in this. I keep hearing positive things about this album, and after a few spins, feel like I want to listen to it a lot more inorder to catch all the nuances. Seems like an album for the darkness. Sadness is from Illinois and have been making music since 2014. I might just have to go back for some of their earlier stuff…

Sadness – In The Distant Travels

Grand Tidings

This weeks ‘Tidal’ themed tune is by the ambient/electronic artist Loscil. This track has a lot more energy than his previous stuff, possibly reflective of his new album, though I can’t say for sure as I haven’t yet listened to it. I probably should. It’s…

Loscil – Red Tide

Something To ‘Tide’ You Over…

Oh yeah. I punned it. In compensation, here is this weeks ‘tide’ tune, a minimal old school number by Talk Talk. This is off the 1991 album Laughing Stock which generally makes for a pretty nice evening listen. Definitely worthy of a sipping wine and low light. Kinda gentle jazz. This song has the lyrics “And still to rise beyond the tide”. Tide…

Talk Talk – Taphead

Mildly Somber

Grand tidings to you on this Tuesday of days. Where does the time go? I sometimes feel like I’m living in a vacuum which sucks all the time in. Every time I look, more seems to have disappeared. So here is a slow moving piano piece to combat this passage. From the 2013 album Weekendary.

Flica – Ideal

Unusual Motivation

I’m not quite sure what’s happening here but I have both the time and the inclination to post something up. What I didn’t have was something in mind, so I trawled through my old music and found this, an album from many years ago which takes me right back to some of my flatting days in Wellington. It’s kinda weird to revisit actually. This is electronic/ambient stuff, slightly reminiscent of Lights Out Asia mixed with a little bit of Detritus. Off the self titled album from 2007.

Boy Is Fiction – BiF vs 307

Well They Do Seem Certain

Here you go chap. An ambient song with an unarguable tie to ‘Tide’. This is the last track off ASC‘s 2014 album, Truth Be Told. This is mellow stuff but full of sounds and noises and mischievous pieces of familiarity in there. Definitely a headphone listen. Think Circular blended with The Flashbulb, with just a splash of Loscil for good measure.

ASC – The Certainty Of Tides

In The Beginning…

I think today I will let someone else’s words do the talking…

With Saffronkeira, Eugenio Caria lives out his passion of being a researcher of the possibility of expression offered by currently available technology. Indeed, in his tracks he experiments a lot with electronics and unconventional elements, which sometimes seem meaningless at first sight, but uncover their significance only on a closer examination. Combining subtle and sometimes even almost invisible rhythms with textures of sound he confidently moves between minimalistic pieces and classic ambient tracks which should please both the analytic ears and the listeners who just want to dive into the music.

Saffronkeira – Epifonema (feat. Witxes)

Twinkling Marbles

Here’s the title track off State Azure’s new album; Phantoms. The album follows in the footsteps of his previous works, electronic/ambient style music littered with glitchy glittery noises and sweeping soundscapes. Excellent headphone music and always a solid choice for darkness.

State Azure – Phantoms

Blowing Hoses

Today’s circular tune is by an artist who figured quite prominently on my night walking expeditions last year. They’ve recently released a new album Collapsing Horizons, which upon casual listening, seems quite fine, though nothing has leapt out at me in particular. More listening and night walking will be the test. In the mean time, here is:

Tangent – Distorted Perspective