A Final Anatomic Song

This marks the twelfth (now that’s a strange word) anatomy related tune which means I’ve been doing this theme for 3 months now. So I feel it’s time to quit while I’m ahead, go out with a swooping bang! My final anatomic item is pushing it perhaps but I’d like to throw it out there all the same. It is ‘The Soul‘.

Now this song is a bit of a mystery actually, I searched my library for the term ‘Soul’ and this song came up with the lyrics: “Lies hover ever around you, smearing your mind and soul”. But there aren’t any lyrics in the song, and I have no idea how it got tagged in the first place. Mysterious mysteries! Apparently the band plays Americana style music so this song becomes even more out of place as it’s definitely not got that vibe going. Stay tuned for next week’s new and exciting theme! Let’s sign off anatomy with:

The Pines – Lost Nation


Some Soul-Free Spine

Here is this weeks anatomy tune. Going way back to 2002 and regurgitating a song that I thrashed pretty heartily at the time (along with most of the album too). Still an enjoyable song for me, reminds me of my first year at uni and the first flat. Ah those were the trouble free days. Anyway, he briefly mentions spine in this song so we can tick that off the anatomy charts.

Sinch – Seven

I See Right Through You

I’d pegged this song for today’s post and then noticed that the video contained a lot of blood vessel action, so I’m gonna designate this for capillary/vein and tick it for anatomy. It’s a groovy, bass-laden song, with a video that’s definitely flirting with psychedelia.  The drummer is also generating a lot of interest so check out their other stuff if that sounds like you.

Autolux – Brainwasher

In A Bottle You Say?

Anatomy time! Seeing as I have a penchant for forgetting to post the anatomy songs, I figured I’d get the jump on it this week. And to celebrate mild efficiency, you’re even getting a Thom Yorke song. Definitely good on headphones, although I feel a bit like I’m in a pendulum while listening to it…

Thom Yorke – A Brain In A Bottle

Ad-libbed Creepy

I heard a rumour that the vocalist basically ad-libbed all the vocals when she got to the studio. Seems like there’s a bit of dark below the surface there. Anyway this is this weeks anatomy themed song. No prizes for guessing the anatomy. Some doomy post metal/rock for ya. Also that’s a pretty gross visual conjured up by the song name. Go on, picture it.

Battle Of Mice – Cave Of Spleen

I Can Stomach This

Here’s another song for the anatomy bucket. Fortunately the song sounds better than an anatomy bucket does, otherwise we’d be in trouble. A song by the great band Broken Social Scene, now where are they at these days? This album from 2003, Feel Good Lost, is a mix bag of eclectic introspective tunes, well worth a listen.

Broken Social Scene – Stomach Song