Havana Daze

A long time ago I used to work in Wellington in one of the strangest jobs I had – databasing crustaceans. The novelty wore off after a few months of shrimp, and let me tell you, dead shrimp all tend to look the same! One of the things that got me by was drinking copious amounts of coffee from the nearby coffee shop. I got to know the barista and we bonded over a mutual dislike of our jobs. Alas he moved away and while I’ve caught up with him once since then, he (or me, I’m not sure) dropped off the radar. In a spot of boredom I looked him up recently and found out he’s been making some music since I last saw him. I present to you, some lo-fi indie chill vibe stuff from the coffee guy.

Champion Racehorse – Another Town


Unusual Motivation

I’m not quite sure what’s happening here but I have both the time and the inclination to post something up. What I didn’t have was something in mind, so I trawled through my old music and found this, an album from many years ago which takes me right back to some of my flatting days in Wellington. It’s kinda weird to revisit actually. This is electronic/ambient stuff, slightly reminiscent of Lights Out Asia mixed with a little bit of Detritus. Off the self titled album from 2007.

Boy Is Fiction – BiF vs 307

I Like Those Odds!

I have to say I do enjoy finding the black sheep song on albums. That odd one out which is usually experimental or pared back, maybe acoustic, maybe electronic… Case in point, today’s song is a floaty melodic number off an album of djenty metal tunes. I likes it! The name of the song refers to a particular kind of cloud so it seems befitting. And hey, it’s a circular tune!

I Built The Sky – Floccus


If yesterdays Halloween tune wasn’t sufficient to unsettle you, well just maybe this will finish the job. This is one of those things that one might fortuitously stumble upon and then spend some time questioning the decisions that have led them to this point in their life. Everything about this is just bizzaro, and I can’t say I like the music but the sheer logistics of his getup are impressive to say the least. Case in point:

“The face can be sequenced or I can hold a button on the mic and then in real time control the x/y position of the face through an accelerometer in the suit, so the face copies my hand gesture. At the same time, this is happening the same input signal can alter my voice, i.e., I move my hand up, the face moves up and so to the pitch of my voice.”

You can read a chunky interview here to gain a greater appreciation of this guy.

Anklepants – ???

Phew, Another One Down

And so the day slowly ebbs towards sunset. The heat is diminishing, birds are singing, and the days work is completed. All that’s left is to have a refreshingly cool alcoholic beverage at the bar whilst listening to some music. And here is some music to try on for size; I offer unto you an instrumental/ambient/rock band hailing from Australia who spit out pretty epic music, with a song off their brand spanking new album, Refractions.

Meniscus – Head Rush

Swishing Memories

Here’s a rather dreamy tune. It conjures the flow of a small stream, effortlessly pouring its way over pebbles and stones, glistening in the sunlight. Time is irrelevant. This place lives in dreams and memories.

Elephant – About Everything