Real Life Dethklok

Well here’s one for the heavy section. The French band Gojira have recently released their new album Magma and it’s pretty respectable. I especially like this song as it reminds me of Dethklok. Nice and heavy, not for the faint hearted. Oh yeahhhhh…

Gojira – Pray


Boss Fight Time

Phew the bulk of the week is done! Alas my words will not be in tip top form as it has been one of those days. Yes indeed. To placate you, I offer up a track which is an interesting blend of metal and electronic, it conjures up soundtracks to Paul Robertson’s animation work actually.

The Algorithm – Brute Force

Bossk Kobe bokk ssob

Here’s another twinkly tune by a band I mentioned way way back in time. That’s right! It’s Bossk! Not to be confused with a lizard from Star Wars (you learn something new everyday). This is a nice perambulating tune for about the first 4 minutes, then prepare your earholes from some brutal vocals and a swift shift in style (say that 10 times fast). Apparently a new album is on the horizon with these guys – hurrah!

Bossk – Kobe

Being Brutal

I’ve been rather light on here with heavy music, I don’t know if it’s because my taste has changed or I just don’t find much that I like any more. But here is one song that I have been enjoying for a long while now. It reminds me of the older days when metal music was prolifically listened to and sounded a particular way. This is a rather enjoyable blasting of the pasting (past-ing rather than paste-ing). Listen for the vocals cutting out (deliberately) towards the end of the song, that’s rather satisfying.

Ghost Iris – Parallel Passage