Gotta Watch The Credits Though

Boy I seem to be finding a bit of my old music lately. It’s kinda weird to listen to these songs and go back to old flats/jobs/friends who were there when I first listened to them. Here is this weeks “The End” themed song. Another bang up job by Cake, off their album Pressure Chief. Melancholy yet uplifting at the same time.

Cake – End Of The Movie

Well They Do Seem Certain

Here you go chap. An ambient song with an unarguable tie to ‘Tide’. This is the last track off ASC‘s 2014 album, Truth Be Told. This is mellow stuff but full of sounds and noises and mischievous pieces of familiarity in there. Definitely a headphone listen. Think Circular blended with The Flashbulb, with just a splash of Loscil for good measure.

ASC – The Certainty Of Tides

Tricksy Tunes

Man it’s not often I have to dig so hard to find a tune, apparently I’m treading obscure musical waters here. Fortunately I remembered spotify so let’s hope the link actually works for you. This is this weeks ‘tidal’ related song, thanks to the lyrics “it’s the motion of the tide”. It was with this band that I realised it never pays to completely discount an album or band. When I first heard it I couldn’t stand it. Quite a few years passed before I stumbled upon them again, gave the album (Metanoia) another listen, and realised that I’d made a huge mistake. It’s actually a pretty great album, full of spastic metal music, and catchy bloody tunes. It was then and there I vowed never to completely discount a musician. Tastes change.

The Human Abstract – Metanoia

Sheep Howling At The Moon

Here’s something of a funky chilled out indie styled song. It’s got a laid backness to it which is pleasing, as is the drumming. I enjoy that also. Rumspringa are a Californian band who make some pretty cool music, this song is off their 2011 EP, Mosaic. Reminds me of a few bands I can’t put my finger on right now (and that really bugs me).

Rumspringa – Heartbeat Drum

Bubblegum Mohawk

Grouplove dropped a new album this year and this catchy little number popped up on my radar yesterday. A little less frenetic than some of their earlier stuff, but I gotta say I’m surprisingly enjoying it. Takes me back to the days where I was rather into Indie Rock…

Grouplove – Spinning