No Relation

Is this guy singing into a fan? Or is he just a little bit nervous? Either way it’s a tad unusual. I’ll admit it took a couple of listens before I really got into this track but now I rather enjoy it. Something about that crunchy guitar and the various styles the song flips between is kinda satisfying.

Zeds Dead – Stardust


Grand Tidings

This weeks ‘Tidal’ themed tune is by the ambient/electronic artist Loscil. This track has a lot more energy than his previous stuff, possibly reflective of his new album, though I can’t say for sure as I haven’t yet listened to it. I probably should. It’s…

Loscil – Red Tide

Not A Good Start

Well this is not a good start for summer, only one week in and I’ve just received a solid and respectable burn from Mr Sun. Great. So here is a soothing indie number to help relieve the heat. It’s Islands, who earlier this year released two albums. Most respectable Islands, well done.

Islands – Sun Conure

I’m An Underwater Engine. Yes I Am

Here’s something to mildly counteract the tone of yesterdays song (and potentially tomorrow’s one too… he says with ominous overtones). It’s pretty cheery and got a nice upbeat… ummm… beat to it. Yes. At some point in the near future I’ll try pop up a song off their latest album. But until then, this is off of 2013’s album Ultramarine.

Young Galaxy – What We Want

Super Recommendation

I’m surprised I haven’t posted anything from this album before. This is hands down, one of the best albums I’ve listened to on headphones (bonus points in the dark). There are so many intricacies and snippets of sounds throughout it, it’s great for just listening with one’s undivided attention or as a soundtrack for whatever creative project takes your fancy.

Exist Strategy – Unquiet Mind

Heck I’m gonna throw another song in there just for good measure – an ironically titled song…

Exist Strategy – One Too Many

Where Do I Sign?

For a band with a name like Doomsquad, you’d be forgiven for expecting an album to sound like this track. In fact from what I’ve listened to, the album is surprisingly upbeat and kinda chipper sounding. This song is the ‘doomiest’ I’ve noticed but don’t let it fool you into skipping over the album. Go on, check it out. This is off of the new album, Total Time.

Doomsquad – Collective Insanity

I Can Stomach This

Here’s another song for the anatomy bucket. Fortunately the song sounds better than an anatomy bucket does, otherwise we’d be in trouble. A song by the great band Broken Social Scene, now where are they at these days? This album from 2003, Feel Good Lost, is a mix bag of eclectic introspective tunes, well worth a listen.

Broken Social Scene – Stomach Song