Havana Daze

A long time ago I used to work in Wellington in one of the strangest jobs I had – databasing crustaceans. The novelty wore off after a few months of shrimp, and let me tell you, dead shrimp all tend to look the same! One of the things that got me by was drinking copious amounts of coffee from the nearby coffee shop. I got to know the barista and we bonded over a mutual dislike of our jobs. Alas he moved away and while I’ve caught up with him once since then, he (or me, I’m not sure) dropped off the radar. In a spot of boredom I looked him up recently and found out he’s been making some music since I last saw him. I present to you, some lo-fi indie chill vibe stuff from the coffee guy.

Champion Racehorse – Another Town

Bustling With Familiarity

This dude shuffled up on a spotify list a while back and caught my attention, but it was only today that I remembered and followed up with a listen. Creating a blend of chill music which might bring to mind such artists as Moby, Röyksopp and Subheim (if he was cheerier sounding), it seems like a decent way to round off the week.

Emancipator – All In Here


Today’s song brings to mind artists such as The Joy Division, M83, and The Drums… I think it’s something about the lo-fi vibe. Seems like some good clean chill out music. More listening may ensue.

Black Marble – Iron Lung

Summer Soundtrack

I’m stoked to have found a contender for summer soundtrack already. And little surprise that it’s the new album by Tycho. I wasn’t especially impressed by the last album Awake, so approached this new one, Epoch, with a skeptical ear and a readiness for disappointment. But twas all in vain, as it’s a pretty great album, full of chill music that would suit shooting the shit, or background music for getting creative. Don’t delay, have a listen today!

Tycho – Source


Here’s a band I totally forgot about. A relaxing saunter of an album, featuring minimalist beats, piano notes, saxophone all wrapped up in jazzerific tunes. A good soundtrack for a glass of wine at night and some contemplation.

Trigg & Gusset – Desert Wind


This tune shuffled on today and seeing as it had the same title as the last song I posted, well I enjoyed that novelty so thought I’d put it up as a comparison. It’s these guys, you know, The Shins!

The Shins – Phantom Limb