I Like Those Odds!

I have to say I do enjoy finding the black sheep song on albums. That odd one out which is usually experimental or pared back, maybe acoustic, maybe electronic… Case in point, today’s song is a floaty melodic number off an album of djenty metal tunes. I likes it! The name of the song refers to a particular kind of cloud so it seems befitting. And hey, it’s a circular tune!

I Built The Sky – Floccus

Blowing Hoses

Today’s circular tune is by an artist who figured quite prominently on my night walking expeditions last year. They’ve recently released a new album Collapsing Horizons, which upon casual listening, seems quite fine, though nothing has leapt out at me in particular. More listening and night walking will be the test. In the mean time, here is:

Tangent – Distorted Perspective

Don’t Be Lulled

Today’s circular tune comes all the way from Sweden via 2003. This is Burst with an instrumental interlude type tune. FYI don’t go listening to the rest of the album expecting similar stuff, it’s Prog Metal otherwise. Good album though if that kind of music floats your boat.

Burst – Fourth Sun

In A Round About Way

I thought for this week’s circular tune I’d pull one out of the early days hat. It’s surprisingly tricky to pick a favourite song from this album as they’re all pretty great in their own ways. It’s surprisingly still a pretty great album (if you ask me anyway), got some Tool-esque elements and the instrumentation in it is awesome, I’m looking at the drummer in particular. Hard to believe this came out back in 2004, I spent a long time waiting for a follow up album though sad to say one of the main guys in it died a couple years back, so follow up album is extremely unlikely now.

Image result for atomship crash of 47

Atomship – Agent Orange

Rewind. Be Kind.

Here we are, circular time. I can see why MC Hammer’s song ‘Circular Time’ didn’t really take off, doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Anywayyyyyys, this song is off the self titled album by the band Broken Bells, which is a side project of the guy from The Shins with the guy from Danger Mouse.

Image result for broken bells self titled

Broken Bells – The High Road

Short and Sharp

It’s been a tremendously long week, so rather than expel some jibber jabber, I’m cutting straight to the chase. Here is a song. Circular album cover. These guys had a new album out this year. That is all. Enjoy the weekend!

God Is An Astronaut – Helios Erebus