An Interlude For One

I’m disappointed that this song is only a minute in length, but it will sit nicely in my basket of “songs that don’t reflect the bands usual style”. I always enjoy putting these songs in mixes for people to confuse them when they listen to the rest of the album expecting more of the same. That’s right, I am a bastard. I believe these guys are typically classified as akin to Black Metal and the rest of the album, Starless, reflects this.

Ketzer – Silence And Sound


My Kinda Tones

Well I’m going to throw back to an old favourite today. Collapse Under The Empire released Shoulders & Giants back in 2011 and there were 3 songs which struck me with gusto. This is the darkest of the 3, yet I still find it an uplifting listen. Reminds me a bit of Lights Out Asia which is probably mostly to do with the piano. Recently decided to have a listen again and see how it feels and I’m happy to find I still really like it.

Collapse Under The Empire – Disclosure

A Final Anatomic Song

This marks the twelfth (now that’s a strange word) anatomy related tune which means I’ve been doing this theme for 3 months now. So I feel it’s time to quit while I’m ahead, go out with a swooping bang! My final anatomic item is pushing it perhaps but I’d like to throw it out there all the same. It is ‘The Soul‘.

Now this song is a bit of a mystery actually, I searched my library for the term ‘Soul’ and this song came up with the lyrics: “Lies hover ever around you, smearing your mind and soul”. But there aren’t any lyrics in the song, and I have no idea how it got tagged in the first place. Mysterious mysteries! Apparently the band plays Americana style music so this song becomes even more out of place as it’s definitely not got that vibe going. Stay tuned for next week’s new and exciting theme! Let’s sign off anatomy with:

The Pines – Lost Nation


Here’s a band I totally forgot about. A relaxing saunter of an album, featuring minimalist beats, piano notes, saxophone all wrapped up in jazzerific tunes. A good soundtrack for a glass of wine at night and some contemplation.

Trigg & Gusset – Desert Wind

The Stones Still Sing

Ok here’s a slightly epic tune to kick off the week. It’s a solid number, kinda reminds me at times of Jakob, Collapse Under The Empire, and the understated vocals remind me of Doves actually. This is a pretty great track so throw some attention its way and see how it goes. This is off of Oh Hiroshima’s 2015 album; In Silence We Yearn.

Oh Hiroshima – Mirage

He’s At It Again

Mr Arnalds is making yet more sweet tunes. This is the first single from Island Songs, his 7-week journey across Iceland where he’ll record a series of compositions. In this one he collaborates with poet and retired teacher Einar Georg. Off to a good start I feel.

Ólafur Arnalds – Árbakkinn feat. Einar Georg


I’m sorry, I completely forgot to do an elephant related post last week. Just completely slipped my mind, and truth be told, now I stop and think about it, I think I’ve had enough of the elephant theme. It was fun, it made life interesting, but now for something else. Brighter pastures await… I think we’ll all miss the elephants, but that part of my life is behind me now. There I said it. Now turn your ear to this. This song (and the supremely excellent album The Hymn of a Broken Man) really helped me get through a break up some years back. It’s an excellent combination of somber, brutal, and optimistic. A side project of the lead guitarist from Killswitch Engage, Adam Dutkiewicz, and the former (now returned) vocalist, Jesse Leach. The riffing that kicks in at about 1:45 gets me every single time. Still.

Times Of Grace – Fall From Grace