Gotta Watch The Credits Though

Boy I seem to be finding a bit of my old music lately. It’s kinda weird to listen to these songs and go back to old flats/jobs/friends who were there when I first listened to them. Here is this weeks “The End” themed song. Another bang up job by Cake, off their album Pressure Chief. Melancholy yet uplifting at the same time.

Cake – End Of The Movie

Damn It, There Goes Another One

I’m disappointed to learn (a bit late to the party) that Agalloch has disbanded. There goes yet another of my formative bands, they had some stellar albums in their career and some of the most epic songs. My new theme is “The End” (all the more befitting with Agalloch now gone) and will run for the next 4-5 weeks. Just to forewarn you, as of the beginning of April I won’t be posting with such regularity. I’m changing lifestyle, going travelling, and so don’t know if or when I will have the time to post. I’d still like to put up music when I can, to keep the soundtrack of my life going, and throw mystery bands at you. Fingers crossed. BTW Look beyond the vocal style in this track and listen to the surrounding music, the lyrics, don’t let the vocal growls etc put you off.

Agalloch – In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion

Big Meaty Claws

Wardruna have a new album coming out shortly (Runaljod – Ragnarok) and have dropped a couple of songs ahead of its release. I’ve been impressed by both but particularly enjoy the tribal sounding drumming in this song, and the horn that comes in at around 2:23 is rather haunting. These are the guys who have assisted with the soundtrack for Vikings, not to mention that Einar Selvik is also half of Skuggsjá. Check out my earlier posts relating to these guys here and here if this floats your boat.

Wardruna – Odal

Blimey, 200 Posts!

Wow, I’m surprised to see I’ve clocked up 200 posts, and relieved to see I’m not going to run out of music to post anytime soon. To celebrate, here’s a triumphant sounding song from the guys who brought you Enslaved and Wardruna. It has been a while since I posted a Vikingsy song so…

Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá

Till The Moon Rises

Well I’m struggling to find a reliable source for this song which is a darn shame. Looks as though I’ll have to link a dodgy youtube number and chances are it’ll go down in the near future. I’ll keep an eye out to replacing it with a more reliable number if I can. Anyway there’s a change in style for you today, we’ve got a song by that cheeriest of guys, Steve Von Till, a guy blessed with the voice of a man who picks his teeth with a grave diggers spade. Gravelly, rough, guttural. In short a voice all men wish they had. I don’t think any description I can come up with, does this song justice and would probably only do it a disservice. Just give it a whirl.

Steve Von Till – Night Of The Moon