Where The Heck Did That Week Go???

A 2-4-1 deal today. When I first started on here some years back, I didn’t know of the band Architects. Then their album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us fell into my lap and after some initial uncertainty, it became one of most binged albums of the year. I spent the next couple of  years anticipating the follow up album, being saddened to hear of the passing of one of the founding members, then relieved when the band continued on and finally released Holy Hell in 2018. They just released a new acoustic version of one of the songs of that album, so today I’m posting that track and the original… Both masterfully and hauntingly done!

Architects – A Wasted Hymn (acoustic)

Architects – A Wasted Hymn (original)

The Roads Are Paved

Not quite sure how I forgot to post yesterday… here’s this weeks highlight. It’s a pick from Crippled Black Phoenix‘s last album Great Escape. I really like the dark tone of this track, and whatever effect they’ve put over the vocals suits it so well. If anyone knows where the sample at the beginning is from, I’m all ears to know, I’m pretty sure it’s Christopher Lloyd from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Anyone else?

Crippled Black Phoenix – Las Diabolicas

An Aptly Titled Band Name

I am going to kick off this week with something a bit different. I would describe this as if Hammock decided to go metal. There is a real atmosphere to the songs, they’re moody, dense numbers, yet the music knows how to soar at times. The vocals might turn you off, but if you can look past them, then I’m sure you will find something to like in this. I keep hearing positive things about this album, and after a few spins, feel like I want to listen to it a lot more inorder to catch all the nuances. Seems like an album for the darkness. Sadness is from Illinois and have been making music since 2014. I might just have to go back for some of their earlier stuff…

Sadness – In The Distant Travels

Collect Call Computer

Today we have a song from the Danish band Lowly‘s new album Heba. They’ve struck a pleasant balance of dreamy upbeat indie rock, which has a bit of a dark edge to its lyrics. Yay! This is reminding me somewhat of Warpaint‘s self titled album, while the vocals give me flashes of Edie Brickell. All things good.

Lowly – Deer Eyes

Black & White Colours

I’m pleased to see the back of yet another Tuesday. Regrettably I seem to have chosen the worst possible time to ween myself off coffee, given that I’m proofing, reading, and generally exercising my brain to the point I’m surprised it hasn’t dribbled out of my ears… Mmmm mmm. Luckily with the help of music, I’m keeping my ears plugged! This Instrumental band reminds me of Barrows, a bit of Caspian, and a little bit of Explosions In The Sky. Here’s a solid track.

Standing In The Colour – Infinite Density

Once Every Few Months

While I personally can’t stand the comments of youtube videos, I also have some morbid fascination with reading some of the bile that people put on there. Can’t help myself apparently. It’s not often that I find a comment in youtube that makes me laugh, but the one on this song I found quite entertaining.

~Band starts playing~ “I wish that everyone I knew was dead” ~Band stops playing and gives him dirty looks~

I just like that. Great opening line for a song too =) total class.

Highly Suspect – Serotonia

Following In Footsteps

After my recent post of the Grails song, this band appeared before me who definitely are rocking a bit of a Grails vibe. So I thought I’d share. Mentioned as sounding like Chelsea Wolfe and True Widow (among others), I would be remiss not to give them a listen, and initial results suggest it’s good! Very atmospheric.

Palehorse/Palerider – Sundowning