Collect Call Computer

Today we have a song from the Danish band Lowly‘s new album Heba. They’ve struck a pleasant balance of dreamy upbeat indie rock, which has a bit of a dark edge to its lyrics. Yay! This is reminding me somewhat of Warpaint‘s self titled album, while the vocals give me flashes of Edie Brickell. All things good.

Lowly – Deer Eyes

Oh The Catchy!

I must admit this tune seems to get a little inside ones brain. It is surprisingly catchy, the guys voice is a little on the unusual side but once you get used to it, there’s a lot of intriguing nuances and odd noises going on. Good for a listen on the old headphones.

When Saints Go Machine – Church And Law


Here’s a tune from a bunch of guys out of the Danish band Efterklang who’ve teamed up with a percussing Finnish guy, Tatu Rönkkö. This is the opening track off the album and I must say I enjoy the way it gets just a little bit screwy at the end there. Also, while I wasn’t intentionally going for an anatomy item, but now it’s here staring me in the face it’d be rude not to. So here’s a Heart for ya.

Liima – Your Heart

Analogue Wireframes

This has got to be one of the coolest music videos I’ve seen in a while. Such a simple concept but executed brilliantly, I wish I’d thought of it. Also I’m really starting to think I need a big dark space to play around with lighting and strings and things now… And on top of the cool video, it’s a dastardly good song!

Kenton Slash Demon – Daemon

Great Opening Line

Personally I think any song that starts with the line “I Brought the BBQ…” is off to a fine start. Fortunately these guys follow that up with a pretty great song, a rather emotionally charged one at that. The album it’s off of, There’s A Beat In All Machines, is pretty great too come to think of it. When it comes to listening to this song, please do yourself a favour and ignore the lyrics on the video… just minimize it and listen to it in the background. Thank you for your understanding and please enjoy.

VETO – I Brought The BBQ

Being Brutal

I’ve been rather light on here with heavy music, I don’t know if it’s because my taste has changed or I just don’t find much that I like any more. But here is one song that I have been enjoying for a long while now. It reminds me of the older days when metal music was prolifically listened to and sounded a particular way. This is a rather enjoyable blasting of the pasting (past-ing rather than paste-ing). Listen for the vocals cutting out (deliberately) towards the end of the song, that’s rather satisfying.

Ghost Iris – Parallel Passage