Following In Footsteps

After my recent post of the Grails song, this band appeared before me who definitely are rocking a bit of a Grails vibe. So I thought I’d share. Mentioned as sounding like Chelsea Wolfe and True Widow (among others), I would be remiss not to give them a listen, and initial results suggest it’s good! Very atmospheric.

Palehorse/Palerider – Sundowning

Something Epic This Way Comes

I hinted at something dark for tonight’s post. Well this song is a little dark, certainly a bit grim sounding, and ridiculously epic. It deserves your attention. I recommend really getting down to the nitty gritty with this and having a good ear bash. This is a song by Agalloch off their 2010 album Marrow Of The Spirit. I’ve been a fan of these guys for as long as I can remember, though sadly I don’t listen to them so much these days. They pull off a pretty damn unique sound so keep an open mind and approach with gusto!

Agalloch – Black Lake Nidstång

Where Do I Sign?

For a band with a name like Doomsquad, you’d be forgiven for expecting an album to sound like this track. In fact from what I’ve listened to, the album is surprisingly upbeat and kinda chipper sounding. This song is the ‘doomiest’ I’ve noticed but don’t let it fool you into skipping over the album. Go on, check it out. This is off of the new album, Total Time.

Doomsquad – Collective Insanity

Ad-libbed Creepy

I heard a rumour that the vocalist basically ad-libbed all the vocals when she got to the studio. Seems like there’s a bit of dark below the surface there. Anyway this is this weeks anatomy themed song. No prizes for guessing the anatomy. Some doomy post metal/rock for ya. Also that’s a pretty gross visual conjured up by the song name. Go on, picture it.

Battle Of Mice – Cave Of Spleen

Embracing The Night

Beats me why they decided to run the words together for their name, but other than that mild irritation, Thenighttimeproject’s self titled album proves to be a fairly satisfying listen. Featuring a chap who used to be in Katatonia (renowned for their doom and gloom vibe), there is definitely a similar tone to this project. Also reminiscent of OSI and Ashes Divide.

Thenighttimeproject – Dissolve

Is He An Alien Then?

Here’s an epic tune from a rather crazy sounding band from Greece, Green Yeti. They’ve recently released a 4 track album but don’t go expecting a quick listen. The whole album still clocks in at a bit over an hour, which is pretty good going. In the vein of Psychedelic Stoner Doom Rock apparently. Sounds fun. This is the opening track.

Green Yeti – The Yeti Has Landed

Obey The Riff

What would you get if Mastodon and Kyuss had a music baby? These guys. Featuring an array of sludge-tastic, groovy, doom-laden songs, their latest offering, The Death Of All Things is a brutal album. And I’m proud to report that they’re from New Zealand too. Bonus.

Beastwars – Black Days

Into The Abyss

Chelsea Wolfe is in a class of her own. Her new album Abyss, which is out any day now, is sure to be high up on my list of top albums of this year. From what I’ve heard it’s pivoted slightly from the style of Pain Is Beauty. Less murky somehow. There are tiny flashes of sound and high notes which have an uplifting effect to the songs, and this one in particular careers off into a jaunty mad little number which is fascinating and enjoyable. I’ll happily leap into this abyss.

Chelsea Wolfe – After The Fall