Collect Call Computer

Today we have a song from the Danish band Lowly‘s new album Heba. They’ve struck a pleasant balance of dreamy upbeat indie rock, which has a bit of a dark edge to its lyrics. Yay! This is reminding me somewhat of Warpaint‘s self titled album, while the vocals give me flashes of Edie Brickell. All things good.

Lowly – Deer Eyes


This Is A Test Print

I’ve decided the best way of coming up with titles for my posts is to pilfer words from the clutter on my desk. Let’s see how that goes. In other news, here is a song that I should have put up yesterday but completely forgot about. My bad. This is off SOHN‘s latest album Rennen. It’s got the feels! It’s a nice uncluttered sound – simple drum beats, a bit of keyboard with occasional electronic flourishes, and understated vocals. What’s not to like?

SOHN – Signal

A Bit Like But Like

This song is giving me flashes of a whole bunch of different artists and it’s bugging the crap out of me, maybe a bit of a Nick Murphy crossed with Arthur Russell vibe? Yeh that’s pretty obscure… I don’t know James Vincent McMorrow but this is a pretty nice track I gotta say. Off his 2016 album, We Move.

James Vincent McMorrow – Rising Water

I’m An Underwater Engine. Yes I Am

Here’s something to mildly counteract the tone of yesterdays song (and potentially tomorrow’s one too… he says with ominous overtones). It’s pretty cheery and got a nice upbeat… ummm… beat to it. Yes. At some point in the near future I’ll try pop up a song off their latest album. But until then, this is off of 2013’s album Ultramarine.

Young Galaxy – What We Want

What A Guy!

I’d been assuming that this was a one man band and for some reason I had ‘him’ pegged as electronic, so I was slightly surprised to find out that it’s a 3 piece from Sweden and their music is actually more Indie Pop. Egg on my face. Damn I gotta admit this is a catchy tune. Those Swedes know how to do catchy! This song is off of the latest album, III.

Miike Snow – Genghis Khan