Argh Such Pains!

First and foremost let me apologise about that image in the video below. Unfortunately this is the only link I can find for this version, though personally I find that ‘paint’ image very distracting. So do me a favour and listen without having the video visible. Anyway today I had a semi-revelation… having been thrashing/binging my way through numerous songs by these guys, and trawling back through their previous albums over the past few months (to my surprise), I realised I just can’t seem to stop listening to their stuff. And while the jury is still not quite unanimous, I’m starting to wonder if this qualifies them as my favourite band… Blimey! I’m selective about the songs I like, but when I like them, boy I like them. So here’s the instrumental version of the final track from their 2011 album One. Of particular enjoyment is that tiny section between 0:50 and 1:02, and that weird ‘clicky’ sound at about 3:32. Just, you know, so you can enjoy those bits too…

TesseracT – Eden (Instrumental version)

If you like it, check out the version with vocals too for a comparison.

Something Epic This Way Comes

I hinted at something dark for tonight’s post. Well this song is a little dark, certainly a bit grim sounding, and ridiculously epic. It deserves your attention. I recommend really getting down to the nitty gritty with this and having a good ear bash. This is a song by Agalloch off their 2010 album Marrow Of The Spirit. I’ve been a fan of these guys for as long as I can remember, though sadly I don’t listen to them so much these days. They pull off a pretty damn unique sound so keep an open mind and approach with gusto!

Agalloch – Black Lake Nidstång

Kaleidoscopic Monolith

Hooray, rejoice for Friday is complete, and now comes the weekend! And so in such celebratory ceremony, I provide another song of an epic nature, from a band featuring members of Undertow, These Arms Are Snakes, and Minus the Bear. Now that’s a relatively disparate collection of musical projects to be drawing from. And yet the song we are presented with this evening is a satisfying, heaving creature. Christ, one drink and I’m spouting gibberations. Point is, it’s a pretty great song. Chuck it on loud and get drowned in the sound.

Dust Moth – Lift

Big Meaty Claws

Wardruna have a new album coming out shortly (Runaljod – Ragnarok) and have dropped a couple of songs ahead of its release. I’ve been impressed by both but particularly enjoy the tribal sounding drumming in this song, and the horn that comes in at around 2:23 is rather haunting. These are the guys who have assisted with the soundtrack for Vikings, not to mention that Einar Selvik is also half of Skuggsjá. Check out my earlier posts relating to these guys here and here if this floats your boat.

Wardruna – Odal

In A Round About Way

Mastodon‘s earlier albums never grabbed me particularly, not sure why, just the way it was, but then Crack The Skye came out and smacked me in the face. At the time I was still buying CD’s so I immediately went out and bought it. I think back in the day, when you bought a CD, you put a lot more attention into enjoying it and getting your moneys worth out of it, and man I thrashed that CD. The highlight for me was this epic track which I haven’t listened to in yonks, it’s nice to revisit an old friend. It is this weeks contender for circular themed album art, even though the circularness is buried by the old Czar and a bear.

Image result for mastodon crack the skye

Mastodon – The Last Baron

Blimey, 200 Posts!

Wow, I’m surprised to see I’ve clocked up 200 posts, and relieved to see I’m not going to run out of music to post anytime soon. To celebrate, here’s a triumphant sounding song from the guys who brought you Enslaved and Wardruna. It has been a while since I posted a Vikingsy song so…

Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá

Is He An Alien Then?

Here’s an epic tune from a rather crazy sounding band from Greece, Green Yeti. They’ve recently released a 4 track album but don’t go expecting a quick listen. The whole album still clocks in at a bit over an hour, which is pretty good going. In the vein of Psychedelic Stoner Doom Rock apparently. Sounds fun. This is the opening track.

Green Yeti – The Yeti Has Landed