Today’s Rabbit

Thursday already? Excellent! Have some of this! The album cover has a dogs mouth on it with that weird pink/brown gum thing they do so well. Plus some teeth, fur, and a little bit of nose. Which could be an adequate way of describing this electronic track. Oh and I should probably mention this is one of the guys from Fuck Buttons, if that’s a further indication of what to expect.

Blanck Mass – Silent Treatment

In The Beginning…

I think today I will let someone else’s words do the talking…

With Saffronkeira, Eugenio Caria lives out his passion of being a researcher of the possibility of expression offered by currently available technology. Indeed, in his tracks he experiments a lot with electronics and unconventional elements, which sometimes seem meaningless at first sight, but uncover their significance only on a closer examination. Combining subtle and sometimes even almost invisible rhythms with textures of sound he confidently moves between minimalistic pieces and classic ambient tracks which should please both the analytic ears and the listeners who just want to dive into the music.

Saffronkeira – Epifonema (feat. Witxes)

New Theme Time

I can’t remember whether I finished off the Circular theme with any aplomb, but now seems as good as any time for a new theme. Thanks to a friend for their suggestion of “Tides”… I’m sure that will prove a little bit of a challenge. But in any case, here’s the first. How To Destroy Angels is an experimental electronic/rock band consisting of Trent Reznor, his wife Mariqueen Maandig, and a couple other notable ragtag characters. This is off their 2010 self titled EP. It contains the lyric ‘tide’ and subject matter relating to tides.

How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning

I Like Those Odds!

I have to say I do enjoy finding the black sheep song on albums. That odd one out which is usually experimental or pared back, maybe acoustic, maybe electronic… Case in point, today’s song is a floaty melodic number off an album of djenty metal tunes. I likes it! The name of the song refers to a particular kind of cloud so it seems befitting. And hey, it’s a circular tune!

I Built The Sky – Floccus

In A Round About Way

I thought for this week’s circular tune I’d pull one out of the early days hat. It’s surprisingly tricky to pick a favourite song from this album as they’re all pretty great in their own ways. It’s surprisingly still a pretty great album (if you ask me anyway), got some Tool-esque elements and the instrumentation in it is awesome, I’m looking at the drummer in particular. Hard to believe this came out back in 2004, I spent a long time waiting for a follow up album though sad to say one of the main guys in it died a couple years back, so follow up album is extremely unlikely now.

Image result for atomship crash of 47

Atomship – Agent Orange

Aptly Titled

Here be a mish-mosh of a track for some listening purposes. The new album, Randoms, is a sort of compilation album of various tracks the guy has made over the years. This track for example is originally from 1996, though here we have it gracing our earwaves in the present. Reminds me a bit of Tortoise, a teeny bit of Portishead and a smidge of DJ Shadow.

Four Tet – Field


Think of The Prodigy. Now lose the vocals, add in a bit of funk, pivot to instrumental rock sound, forget about The Prodigy, and have a listen to this instead. Hahaha. Tiny Fingers is a pretty funky sounding instrumental band from Israel, and this song is off of 2015’s album The Fall, which sounds pretty solid if you happen to ask me.

Tiny Fingers – Deuteronomy