Quaint Oddities

I think I might just let the title of this track speak for itself. This whole album (Almost Visible Orchestra [A.V.O.]) seems to be a combination of odd noises and sounds of a misbegotten youth. I feel like it would be suited to a whiskey on an introspective evening.

Noiserv – Life Is Like A Fried Egg, Once Perfect Everyone Wants To Destroy It

Aptly Titled

Here be a mish-mosh of a track for some listening purposes. The new album, Randoms, is a sort of compilation album of various tracks the guy has made over the years. This track for example is originally from 1996, though here we have it gracing our earwaves in the present. Reminds me a bit of Tortoise, a teeny bit of Portishead and a smidge of DJ Shadow.

Four Tet – Field

Scissor And Thread Dance

I’m pretty sure there isn’t such a thing as a Scissor And Thread Dance, but boy it sounds intriguing. Might have to throw one just because. Anyway I’ve snipped those words from the description on this guys bandcamp page so it’s not a totally random title… Honest! Here’s some pretty chill tunes hot off the recommendation press. I’m disappointed this guys only got a couple of EPs as it’s pretty cool stuff. Conjures up Vessels, Terminal Sound System, and a tiny bit of The XX.

Desert Sound Colony – Iris

A Blazing Post

About 2 minutes ago, I’m supposed to be out the door but I just had to make myself late in order to get this post done. I mean what kind of person would I be if I didn’t prioritize music over some persons birthday dinner?! Here’s some shimmery, upbeat electronic rockin beats. Thank god Tuesday is done and dusted!

Yppah – Neighborhoods

Control Centre For The Heart And Lungs

I couldn’t be enthused enough yesterday to put a post up, but inspiration struck me today, so here is the second anatomy themed post for the week. From the Fight Club Soundtrack, this used to be my go-to album for doing creative projects, and it still is a pretty good soundtrack for that kind of thing.

The Dust Brothers – Medulla Oblongata

Go For A Spin

In tonight’s exciting post we’re exploring the weird and wonderful world of Matmos. In particular we’re going to be taking a closer look at their latest offering, an album which is built using the sounds of a washing machine. Yes you heard me, a washing machine.

The album consists of one 38-minute-long track, described in a press release as depicting “an exploded view of the machine, hearing it in normal operation, but also as an object being rubbed and stroked and drummed upon and prodded and sampled and sequenced and processed by the duo”

To be honest, the music is far better than I would have expected given the theme. Complex stuff, it has hints all sorts of things in there, off the top of my head I get smacks of Amon Tobin, The Books, Stomp, and Fridge.

Matmos – Ultimate Care II, Excerpt 8