Fight The Fear In All Of Us

This is a collaborative tune composed and performed by Woodkid and Nils Frahm as part of an EP soundtrack for the short film ELLIS. It’s a gentle sweeping tune which is a perfect foil for the madness inside my brain right now.

Nils Frahm & Woodkid – Winter Morning I

Better Than Naught

Back in 2014, näo released their third album III. It was easily one of my top albums of the year and since then I’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow up album. Well recently they deployed an EP (Duel), which, while I’m disappointed in it’s briefness, is an enjoyable listen all the same. But it does leave me wanting more. So I will continue anticipating the next full length album. Here’s the third track for you to dissect. I particularly enjoy whatever starts going down at the 3:15 mark.

näo – Myst

Ain’t No Theme

Apologies for the lack of posting yesterday, I was whisked off and put to slave labour for a few days. I’ve just returned and what better way to distance myself from burning sunlight and shovel loads of dirt than with this seriously chill album. Makes for a very relaxed listening experience.

Circular – 3 Moons

Real Life Dethklok

Well here’s one for the heavy section. The French band Gojira have recently released their new album Magma and it’s pretty respectable. I especially like this song as it reminds me of Dethklok. Nice and heavy, not for the faint hearted. Oh yeahhhhh…

Gojira – Pray

Boss Fight Time

Phew the bulk of the week is done! Alas my words will not be in tip top form as it has been one of those days. Yes indeed. To placate you, I offer up a track which is an interesting blend of metal and electronic, it conjures up soundtracks to Paul Robertson’s animation work actually.

The Algorithm – Brute Force

Quite Likeable

Here’s a tune from a rather ‘sensual’ EP (Her Tape #1) by a French band called Her. Got a low level, easy going beat to it, which puts me in mind of a blend of James Brown and Phoenix, which is frankly a strange comparison but it is what it is…

Her – Quite Like