Emperor Of Sand

He sounds like a cool guy. Actually this song sounds promising too, I haven’t really got into much of Mastodon‘s stuff over the past few years, but this song off their upcoming album definitely has a bit of a Crack The Skye vibe which I’m liking. I shall anticipate the new albums release with enthusiasm I think.

Mastodon – Sultan’s Curse

In A Round About Way

Mastodon‘s earlier albums never grabbed me particularly, not sure why, just the way it was, but then Crack The Skye came out and smacked me in the face. At the time I was still buying CD’s so I immediately went out and bought it. I think back in the day, when you bought a CD, you put a lot more attention into enjoying it and getting your moneys worth out of it, and man I thrashed that CD. The highlight for me was this epic track which I haven’t listened to in yonks, it’s nice to revisit an old friend. It is this weeks contender for circular themed album art, even though the circularness is buried by the old Czar and a bear.

Image result for mastodon crack the skye

Mastodon – The Last Baron

Where Art Thou?

Here’s some no frills, reliable alternative rock to round out the day. A new band for me and I must say, this song is enough to motivate me to check out the rest of the album, Endless Light. Definitely a bit of a Muse vibe to the vocals. Also a pretty cool album cover too.

O’Brother – Your Move

Compositions For The End

Here’s a track off an album from a few years back, Opus At The End Of Everything. This is one of those albums I consider best listened to as a whole than as individual parts. This song is a pretty good reflection of the album as a whole so should give you an idea what to expect. A nice combination of electronic beats, thumpy instruments, intriguing little noises, and floating piano notes.

The Flashbulb – Terra Firma

But Why The Party?

Here’s another song from yesteryears. This time it’s that metal band Mastodon covering that very un-metal lady, Feist. They covered each others songs for record day a few years back and I must say I really enjoy this song. Then I found this video where Feist looks like she is having an awesomely cathartic time and I liked the song a little bit more.

Mastodon – A Commotion

Mispegged & Mistaken

Well it’s Monday again, which means another week has started. Sigh. I already miss the weekend. Luckily Friday me already had the foresight to line up a song for me. Baroness is another one of those bands that I’ve known of for yonks but never really found the time to listen. I’m making a bit of an effort to go into their back catalogue, and I must say I’ve been enjoying their Yellow & Green album. They’re actually a lot more diverse than I’d thought which is cool.

Baroness – Stretchmarker